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Egg Recipes

Recipes using eggs, including breakfasts, brunch dishes, and others.
  1. Breakfast Casserole Recipes (37)
  2. Egg How To's (6)
  3. French Toast Recipes (19)
  4. Quiche Recipes (41)

Asparagus Spears With Creamed Ham and Hard Cooked Eggs
Fresh roasted or blanched asparagus spears are served with sliced hard cooked eggs and a delicious seasoned creamed ham sauce.

Hard Cooked Egg Recipes
Whether you need a quick lunch, an appetizer, or a brunch or breakfast dish, hard cooked eggs are an excellent protein choice.

Simple Egg Salad
Delicious egg salad recipe made with eggs, mayonnaise, celery, and seasonings. This egg salad is easy to prepare with celery and mayonnaise and hard-cooked eggs.

Southern Creamed Eggs
Creamed eggs are a Southern comfort food for many. The eggs are easy to prepare and they make a wonderful brunch or breakfast dish.

Deviled Eggs With Olives
Chopped stuffed olives and a little red onion provide some fabulous flavor in these easy and great tasting deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs With Bacon
These flavorful eggs are made with bits of crumbled bacon and a little finely chopped red onion. These deviled eggs are great for tailgating or picnics.

Deviled Eggs With Tarragon
These tasty deviled eggs are flavored with tarragon and Dijon mustard, along with mayonnaise and chopped cornichons or sweet gherkin pickles.

Basic Deviled Eggs
These basic deviled eggs are the perfect snack or appetizer for any occasion. These are simple, classic deviled eggs with mayonnaise and seasonings.

Classic Deviled Eggs
These tasty deviled eggs are the classic, everyday snack or appetizer everyone loves.

Dilly Deviled Eggs
The filling in these delicious deviled eggs is a flavorful combination of mayonnaise, dill pickle, pickle juice, mustard, dillweed, and optional red onion.

Simple Curried Deviled Eggs
Curry powder and lemon juice flavor these delicious deviled eggs. The eggs are garnished with chopped chives or finely chopped green onion tops.

Deviled Eggs With Ham
Finely chopped ham and dill pickle flavor these delicious deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs With Tuna
These tuna deviled eggs make a delicious snack or appetizer, or serve them as part of a brunch or luncheon.

Southern Deviled Eggs
These classic Southern deviled eggs are flavored with sweet pickle relish and a little mustard. Dress them up with pimiento or pickle slices.

Egg Salad With Chives
This easy egg salad makes great sandwiches, or serve in herb biscuits. This also makes a great spread for hors d'oeuvres with a slice of olive, a little caviar, or pimiento.

Omelet Recipe - Country Garden Omelet
Here's a 2-egg omelet recipe with green onions, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese, delicious! A country garden omelet recipe with photo.

Family Style Bacon and Egg Bake
This easy all-in-one breakfast is easy to prepare in a small casserole dish and bakes in under 25 minutes. This makes a great any occasion breakfast for a family of 4.

Deviled Eggs with a Cajun Twist
While always popular, these deviled eggs have the extra flavor element of Old Bay Seasoning, which is a delightful surprise in usually mild deviled eggs.

Egg and Chive Pâté
Egg and Chive pâté is as tasty as any other version, especially when spread on the crispy, peppery Cayenne Toasts. It is also a fraction of the cost of the standard type of pâté. This isn't intended to fool anyone into thinking it's something it isn't--it doesn't need to as it's so good on its own!

Golden Eggs in Creole Cream Sauce
This simple egg dish is very popular, probably due to its creamy texture contrasting with the crunchy English muffins.

Egg Salad Sandwich Filling
This is a flavorful egg salad sandwich filling, made with hard-cooked eggs, mayonnaise, and a little relish and chopped celery. Optional chopped onions make this egg salad a little crunchier; serve on bread with lettuce leaves to keep the bread from getting soggy.

Egg Salad Sandwich
Egg salad is easy to prepare and makes a delicious sandwich filling. Make these egg salad sandwiches for lunch or use small rolls and serve them as party sandwiches.

Deviled Eggs - Easy Deviled Egg Recipe
A deviled egg recipe, one of our favorites. Ingredients include mayonnaise, green onion and dijon mustard.

Egg Salad
This egg salad is easy to prepare and makes great sandwiches. Add a sliced tomato and some lettuce to the sandwich for a delicious lunch.

Recipes for Deviled Eggs
Here are some top recipes for deviled eggs.

Breakfast Casseroles and Egg Recipes
Here are some delicious brunch and breakfast egg favorites, including breakfast casseroles, scrambled eggs, quiche, and breakfast sandwiches.

Scrambled Eggs With Basil
An easy scrambled egg recipe with basil and seasonings, quick and easy. Lighten this scrambled egg recipe with egg substitute or egg whites.

Deviled Eggs With Fresh Basil
Tasty deviled eggs are made with fresh basil, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, and optional additions. A delicious deviled egg recipe.

Egg Sandwich Spreads - Egg Spread Recipe
Hard cooked egg sandwich spread and variations. Egg salad sandwich spread recipe with several variation options.

Spicy Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Panini
A spicy sausage and cheese panini recipe, a sandwich with eggs, sausage, and mozzarella cheese for a special breakfast or brunch. This is a great sandwich to serve for brunch or breakfast.

Easy Confetti Scrambled Egg Sandwich
A delicious breakfast sandwich made with scrambled eggs, green onions and tomatoes, and croissant or English muffin. Make this breakfast sandwich for a hearty breakfast or lunch.

Egg Tomato Scramble - Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes and Bacon
An egg and tomato scramble recipe with fresh tomatoes, eggs, and bacon, southern style. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bacon.

Fluffy Double Cheese Omelet With Bacon
Omelet with cheese and bacon, along with chopped onion and herbs. A fluffy omelet recipe, made fluffier because the eggs are beaten separately.

Scalloped Bacon and Eggs - Hard Cooked Egg Casserole Recipe
Scalloped hard-cooked eggs and bacon recipe - an egg casserole with bacon and hard-cooked eggs.

Deviled Eggs With Mustard
Deviled eggs contain mustard and mayonnaise, along with sweet pickle relish and seasonings.

Easy Pickled Eggs
Easy pickled eggs from Sue.

Scotch Eggs - Recipe for Scotch Eggs with Sausage
Scotch eggs are hard cooked eggs with a sausage crust, served with a creamy butter sauce with a little Dijon mustard. Tasty Scotch eggs recipe.

Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes and Onion - Scrambled Egg Recipe
Scrambled eggs recipe with tomatoes, green onions, and optional Cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack cheese. A special scrambled egg recipe.

Pickled Eggs Recipe
Pickled eggs with mixed pickling spices. Red pickled eggs recipe.

Breakfast Skillet Recipe with Bacon, Eggs, Potatoes and Cheese
This hearty breakfast skilletr recipe includes eggs, bacon, onion, potatoes, cheddar cheese.

Country Omelet Recipe with Cheddar Cheese and Tomatoes
Omelet recipe is made with eggs, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and green onion. A country omelet recipe and a variety of egg and breakfast casserole recipes.

Egg Shortcake Recipe with Cheese Biscuits
Egg shortcake is made with cheese biscuits and a sauce mixture with hard cooked eggs and white sauce, along with seasonings. Egg shortcake recipe is a tasty way to start the day.

Farmers Breakfast Skillet with Eggs and Bacon and Potatoes
A farmer's breakfast all in one skillet. Skillet egg recipe includes eggs, potatoes, bacon, and shredded cheese.

Red Pickled Eggs - Pickled Egg Recipe
pickled eggs recipe

Mexican Scrambled Eggs - Breakfast Recipes with Eggs
This recipe for scrambled eggs is made unique with the addition of tortillas, tomato, onion, and green chile.

Brunch Casserole With Asparagus and Ham
This brunch casserole is made with eggs, bread, ham, and asparagus. Bake this casserole for breakfast or brunch.

Confetti Scrambled Eggs - Scrambled Eggs Recipe with Peppers and Tomatoes
Scrambled eggs recipe with chopped bell pepper and onion and tomato. This recipe for scrambled eggs serves six.

Devilled Eggs - Devilled Eggs with Mayonnaise and a Bit of Mustard
Top these tasty devilled eggs with half an olive. Delicious devilled eggs.

Deviled Eggs - Deviled Eggs with Mayonnaise and a Bit of Mustard
Top these tasty deviled eggs with half an olive. Delicious deviled eggs.

Scrambled Eggs Deluxe - Scrambled Eggs Recipe with Tomatoes and Green Onions
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and green onions, along with seasonings and butter.

Pickled Eggs with Beets Recipe - Pickled Beets with Hard Cooked Eggs
Hard cooked eggs are combined with beets and vinegar and sugar, then sliced and served on salad greens. Pickled red beet eggs.

Scrambled Egg Recipe - Deluxe Scrambled Eggs with Green Onions and Tomatoes
Scrambled eggs. This recipe for scrambled eggs includes chopped tomatoes, green onion tops, and milk and butter.

Corned Beef Hash with Eggs
Great tasting homemade corned beef hash is fried in circles then topped with poached eggs.

Eggs Mornay - Egg Recipe with Cheese Sauce
This egg recipe is made with a flavorful cheese sauce and hard cooked eggs. Eggs mornay recipe with cheese and bread crumbs and parsley.

Scrambled Eggs Recipe - Recipe for Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
Creamy scrambled eggs garnished with strips of bacon. A scrambled eggs recipe.

Hard-Cooked Eggs - Using and Cooking
Some tips for using hard cooked eggs, along with storage tips and the best way to boil them.

Country Omelet with Cheddar Cheese
This omelet is made with eggs, green onion, butter, Cheddar cheese, and a little Worcestershire sauce, along with other seasonings.

Eggs Florentine
An easy and attractive breakfast or brunch dish made with spinach, poached eggs, seasoned white sauce, and shredded cheese.

Hard-Cooked Eggs - Recipes
A variety of recipes using hard-cooked eggs, including Scotch eggs, spinach salad, deviled eggs, casseroles, and creamed egg recipes.

Creamed Eggs Recipe - Creamed Eggs with Hard Cooked Eggs
Recipe for creamed eggs with onions and green pepper and hard cooked eggs and olives and cheese. Creamed hard cooked eggs.

New Mexican Stacked Enchiladas
A delicious egg recipe from Judy Howle.

Shirred Eggs
Cheddar cheese adds nice flavor and texture to these great tasting baked shirred eggs.

Baked Eggs with Herbs
Eggs are baked in custard cups with butter, chives, parsley, thyme, tarragon, and cheese, along with other ingredients.

Eggs Mornay
Eggs are hard-cooked then baked with a delicious buttery cheese sauce, parsley, and bread crumbs.

Western Omelet with Ham
Serve this as an omelet or as a Western sandwich. Delicious Western omelet is made with egg, chopped green bell pepper, onion, and chopped cooked ham, along with seasonings.

Eggs Benedict
A classic recipe of ham and eggs served on English muffins with tomato slices and a rich lemon-butter sauce.

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