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Food Gifts - Gift Mixes and Mixes in Jars Recipes

Food gift recipes and instructions include several gift mixes layered in canning jars, along with spice mixtures and others. Brownie mixes, cookie mixes, a chocolate chip pie mix in a jar, muffin mix in a jar, and more.

Gifts From the Kitchen
Special candy, mixes in jars, and other food gifts are always welcome around the holidays. Here are several delicious gifts to give this season, including mixes for brownies, pancakes, pies, and more.

Gifts from the Kitchen
This article and the links consist of quick, inexpensive, easily-made & delicious Gifts that I have been collecting and making over the years. They include spice blends that only entail mixing several spices together (but these spice blends are very expensive to buy pre-mixed),and the world's best chocolate sauce, one that is also quick & easy.

Blonde Brownies in a Jar Recipe - Blonde Brownie Mix in a Jar
Blonde Brownies in a jar, a blonde brownie mix recipe with instructions for making the brownies. Delicious blonde brownie mix in a jar, with chocolate chips, pecans or walnuts, and other ingredients.

Brownie Pie Mix Recipe - Brownie Pie in a Jar Recipe
Brownie pie in a jar, an easy brownie pie recipe to be assembled and given as a gift with instructions for baking. An easy brownie pie in a jar.

Kentucky Pie Mix in a Jar - Kentucky Chocolate - Nut Pie Mix Recipe
Kentucky pie mix, a Kentucky chocolate chip and nut pie in a jar, with instructions for mixing and baking. An easy pie in a jar for gift giving.

Cookie Mix With Candies or Chocolate Chips
Cookie mix recipe with small candies or chocolate chips to put in a jar and give for the holidays.

Cookie Mix in a Jar - Cookie Mix with Chocolate Chips or Candy Pieces
Chocolate chip cookie mix recipe for gift giving. Chocolate chip cookies in a jar.

Bourbon Vanilla Recipe
Easy bourbon vanilla recipe - bourbon vanilla would make an excellent gift, or make it for yourself. Bourbon vanilla flavoring and other gift recipe ideas.

Mocha Coffee Gift Mix - Coffee Mix Gift Recip
Mocha drink mix recipe, for a Christmas gift, housewarming, or other easy food gift. A mocha coffee drink mix recipe with instructions.

Ranch-Style Dressing and Dip Mix Recipe
Give this dip and dressing mix in decorative jars with instructions for making dip or dressing. A ranch dressing and dip mix.

White Chocolate Chunk Brownies - Mix in a Jar
Brownies in a jar, a delicious brownie recipe to give as a gift, made with cocoa, white chocolate chips, pecans or walnuts, sugar, and other ingredients. Directions for making the jar up and baking the brownies.

Instant Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows - Christmas Gift Recipes
Cocoa mix with marshmallows, a gift mix to give for Christmas or other holiday.

Holiday Brownie Mix - Christmas Gift Recipes
A brownie mix to give in a jar, brownie mix in a jar, with directions for baking.

Vanilla Sugar Recipe
Vanilla sugar recipe, made with granulated sugar and vanilla beans.

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