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Gifts from the Kitchen

Quick, Inexpensive, Easily-made & Delicious Gifts


Gifts from the Kitchen

Quick, Inexpensive, Easily-made & Delicious Gifts.

Terri Pischoff Wuerthner

This "season of giving" is a wonderful, warm, welcome time of the year--but also one that stresses our energies and wallets. 

I'm going to give you several recipes for you to use for gifts from your kitchen that are quick, inexpensive, easily-made and delicious. Impossible? Not for a seasoned (pun intended) food writer who has been doing this for 20+ years, and also needs quick, inexpensive, easily-made, delicious gifts from her kitchen! 

See links at the end of this article for my quick, inexpensive, easily-made and delicious recipes. Below are presentation and packaging ideas. You can see photos of these packages by clicking on the articles below.

Look for many more gift giving ideas and quick recipes to be on this site very soon.

Presentation and packaging ideas.

  • Import stores, craft stores, and "dollar" stores (where everything is a dollar) are treasure troves for gift-giving containers.

  • Plain glass jars. If the food is colorful, it is attractive enough in itself as seen through the jars. A ribbon around the rim, and a colorful sticker on which you can write what the jar contains are enough (see Cajun Seafood Boil Mix).

  • Miniature canisters are perfect for spices--use different colors for various spice blends (see Cajun Seasoning Blend for Poultry, and Creole Spice Blend).
  • Canning jars are good for sauces, as the sauce can be seen through the jar, and a festive piece of cloth or paper can be placed between the lid insert and lid rim.
  • Restaurant supply stores have containers for Chinese takeout in various sizes. The small ones are very attractive when lined with a piece of tissue, with little candies or cookies spilling out.
  • Lots of decorated tin boxes with hinged lids are available for a small cost at the types of stores mentioned above. Line them with tissue or waxed paper, and present with the lid partly opened and the contents brimming over.

Gifts from the Kitchen

Cajun Seafood Boil Mix
Cajun Seasoning Blend for Poultry
Creole Spice Blend
Aunt Lorna's Chocolate Sauce

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