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Southern Food History

Southern food history and culture, including southern barbecue and more about southern ingredients.
  1. Cajun & Creole Dialect

Brunswick Stew
Brunswick Stew - the origin, a variety of recipes, and several related links.

Southern Foodways Alliance
Located in Mississippi, their mission is to celebrate, preserve, promote, and nurture the traditional and developing diverse food cultures of the American South. Membership information, scheduled events and reading recommendations.

Food History
An interesting look at various foods' history with a timeline, from Inventors.

History of Southern Barbecue
A detailed look at barbecue in the South, by Laura Dove.

Ancient Food Preservation
How the Acadians stored their food for the long, harsh and snowy winters. Cellars were used for cold storage, the snow was used for freezing, oats were used to layer eggs, smoking and drying were used for fish and meats, drying was used for some fruits, and brining was the preservation method for butter and some fruits and vegetables.

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