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Food Freezing Resources

Guides and resources for freezing foods, including recipes and safety information.

Freezing Vegetables - Cabbage and Chinese Cabbage
Preparation and blanching time for freezing cabbage, including Chinese cabbage.

Vegetable Freezing Guide
A freezing guide for vegetables, including corn, beans, summer squash and zucchini. Basic guide to freezing vegetables.

Freezing Fresh Basil Recipe - Frozen Fresh Basil
Recipe for Freezing Fresh Basil - freezing fresh basil.

Cooking Frozen Vegetables
General times and guidelines for cooking frozen vegetables.

Freezing Vegetables
This is a list of vegetables with specific preparation and freezing instructions. From asparagus and beans to pumpkin and tomatoes.

Vegetable Freezing Guide
All about freezing and blanching vegetables, with links to specific vegetable instructions and cooking frozen vegetables.

Freezing Herbs
How to freeze fresh herbs with suggestions for mixes.

Freezing Meat & Seafood
Guide to freezing meat, seafood, wild game and poultry.

Freezing Vegetables
Preparation tips and blanching times for vegetables and fruits.

Freezing Prepared Foods
Tips on freezing leftovers and foods prepared in advance.

General Freezing Information
General freezer tips, storage times, troubleshooting and remedies, and illustrated instructions on packaging and labeling.

Loading the Freezer
How much food to freeze at a time and general tips for storage.

Quality for Keeps: Freezing Home-Prepared Foods
A guide to freezing prepared foods, from Barbara J. Willenberg and Karla Vollmar Hughes.

Storage: Frozen Meats
Chart with recommended storage times for meat, poultry and seafoods.

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