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Ground Beef Soup Recipes

Ground beef soup recipes, including beef and barley soup with ground beef, meatball soups, taco soup, and others.

Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup
This easy slow cooker ground beef soup is packed with vegetables and flavor.

Cheeseburger Soup
This tasty cheeseburger soup is made with very lean ground beef and cheese, along with vegetables and seasonings. The delicious soup is thickened with a thick and creamy white sauce.

Sirloin Burger Soup
This tasty soup is made with pan grilled, broiled, or fried burgers, beef broth, vegetables, and tomatoes. A delicious crockpot ground beef soup recipe with broken-up cooked burgers.

Taco Soup for the Slow Cooker
This hearty slow cooker taco soup makes enough to serve 8 to 10 people. Serve this spicy flavorful soup with fresh baked cornbread.

Beefy Chuckwagon Soup
Ground beef soup with tomatoes, onion, carrots, chile peppers, and beans. A quick soup to prepare and delicious for the family.

Jan's Crockpot Hamburger Soup
A recipe for crockpot hamburger soup with ground beef or hamburger, chopped onion, frozen mixed vegetables, tomato sauce, orzo or macaroni, and many more ingredients.

Chile Beef Soup Recipe
Ground beef soup recipe with chopped green chile, onions, tomatoes, and beans. This is an easy chile beef soup recipe with beans and ground beef.

Hamburger Stew
A hamburger stew recipe from our forum, with ground beef, carrots, potatoes, and more.

Hamburger Stew Recipe
A simple hamburger stew recipe, made with ground beef, potatoes, carrots, and more.

Italian Meatball Stew
This slow cooker meatball stew is made with ground beef, carrots, garlic and parmesan cheese, oregano and basil and tomato paste.

Meatball Soup
This easy meatball soup is cooked in the slow cooker. The ingredients include tomatoes, carrots, ground beef, and onion soup mix.

Hearty Beef Noodle Soup
This hearty beef noodle soup is made with ground beef, onion, tomato juice, beef bouillon, and noodles.

Taco Soup Recipe
This taco soup from Carla is made with ground beef, onion, sour cream, Velveeta cheese, tomatoes, and pinto beans. Serve this soup with tortilla chips.

Tonya's Hamburger Stew Recipe
A hamburger stew recipe with carrots and potatoes and tomatoes and many more vegetables, including cabbage and corn. Hamburger stew with tomatoes and cabbage.

Meatball Soup with Rice
This meatball soup recipe is made with stewed tomatoes and carrots and other vegetables and seasoning.

Cheeseburger Chowder
This great tasting cheeseburger chowder is made with ground beef, potatoes, milk, and seasonings. It's a tasty and hearty soup to serve for lunch or dinner.

Meatball Soup
This meatball soup recipe is prepared with tomatoes and carrots, celery and parsley. This makes a nice meal with biscuits or crusty bread.

Corn Chowder With Ground Beef, Slow Cooker
Ground beef makes this slow cooker corn chowder hearty enough for a main dish. Serve this tasty chowder with cornbread or biscuits for a tasty everyday supper.

Border Style Bean Soup
This is a recipe for a pinto bean soup with ground beef, onions and garlic.

Easy Hamburger Soup
Easy hamburger soup recipe with vegetables and lean ground beef. Hamburger soup ingredients include potatoes, carrots, cabbage, rice, and ground beef.

Creamy Vegetable Beef Soup
A creamy vegetable beef soup with ground beef, tomato juice, potato, carrots, onion, pepper, and other ingredients.

Classic Beef Barley Soup Recipe
A beef and barley soup for the slow cooker made with carrots, tomatoes, barley, beef broth, onion and ground beef.

Mexican Albondigas Soup
A Mexican meatball soup with cilantro, spinach, ham, limes, and seasonings. This recipe is cooked in the slow cooker.

Beef Broccoli Soup, Slow Cooker
This beef and broccoli soup recipe is made with mushrooms, ground beef, broccoli, carrots, green pepper, celery and tomato juice or V-8 vegetable juice.

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