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Haddock Recipes

A variety of recipes for delicious haddock, including baked haddock, oven fried haddock, and more.

Panko Crusted Haddock
These seasoned haddock fillets are breaded with panko crumbs and baked in the oven. This is a light alternative to fried fish, delicious with tartar sauce and fries.

Oven Fried Haddock Fillets
Seasoned bread crumbs, an egg, and a little milk make a light and flaky oven fried fish. The high temperature of the oven make the haddock coating crispy and delicious.

Herb Fried Fish Fillets
Fish fillets are first marinated in an herb and buttermilk mixture, then they're fried to perfection with a simple seasoned flour coating. Serve with lemon wedges, fries, tartar sauce, and slaw for a perfect meal.

Baked Haddock With Parmesan and Herb Stuffing
this easy baked haddock recipe makes a great everyday meal. The cream and butter make it moist and delicious, along with the Parmesan cheese and fresh chopped herbs.

Haddock With Creamy Crab Sauce
Baked haddock with a creamy crab sauce, a tasty haddock recipe. Fish with crabmeat sauce.

Fish Newburg Recipe - Haddock With Cream and Seasonings
This is a tasty fish newburg recipe made with haddock fillets, cream, egg yolks, and sherry. Serve this great haddock recipe over toast points or baked puff pastry shells.

Fish Florentine
A fish florentine recipe with spinach and cream of mushroom soup. Use haddock, cod, or similar fish fillets in this quick and easy fish bake.

Oven Fried Fish Fillets
Haddock or other fish fillets are oven fried to perfection and served with tartar sauce or remoulade. Part panko crumbs and Parmesan cheese make the fish coating extra crispy.

Baked Haddock With Cheesy Crunch Topping - Baked Haddock Recipe
A tasty baked haddock with a crunchy cheese cracker and bread crumb topping. A baked haddock recipe with cheese cracker crumbs, green onions, a little butter, and other ingredients.

Haddock With Mushroom Cream Sauce - Baked Haddock Recipe
A delicious haddock recipe with mushroom cream sauce. A baked haddock recipe with tasty sauce and bread crumb topping, and optional shredded or grated cheese.

Haddock With Sour Cream - Baked Haddock Recipe
Baked haddock recipe with sour cream. A baked haddock recipe, and more haddock recipes below.

Easy Broiled Haddock Recipe - Oven Fried Fish
Haddock fillets are broiled and basted with a soy sauce lemon juice mixture. Easy broiled haddock recipe.

Baked Haddock Recipe - Recipe for Baked Haddock with Oyster Stuffing
Baked Haddock Recipe. A recipe for haddock baked with an oyster stuffing.

Baked Haddock Recipe - Recipe for Baked Haddock Stuffed with Bread Crumb Mixture
A recipe for haddock baked with a bread crumb stuffing and bacon topping. Baked stuffed haddock recipe.

Haddock Recipe or Orange Roughy Recipe - Recipe for Broiled Haddock Fillets ...
Haddock recipe broiled with herbs and butter - use cod or orange roughy in this fish recipe. Broiled haddock recipe with thyme, parsley, butter and lemon.

Baked Haddock with Oyster Stuffing
Haddock fillets are sandwiched with an oyster stuffing filling.

Baked Stuffed Haddock Fillets
Haddock is baked with a bread crumb-bacon stuffing.

Broiled Haddock Fillets
A delicious broiled haddock recipe with bread crumbs and butter, along with lemon and other seasonings.

Baked Haddock with Spinach
This baked haddock is made with haddock fillets, tomatoes, frozen chopped spinach, butter, and seasonings, finished with a simple butter sauce.

Easy Broiled Haddock
Haddock fillets are broiled, basted with a soy sauce and lemon juice mixture.

Fish in Creamy Red Pepper Sauce
Haddock or other fish is poached then served with a creamy sweet red bell pepper sauce.

Seafood Au Gratin
Use haddock or similar white fish in this tasty seafood recipe. Ingredients include crabmeat or shrimp, haddock, wine, and a rich s0uce.

Quick Fish au Gratin
This is an easy baked fish recipe that will work for just about any fish fillet.

Oven Fried Haddock
Haddock is coated with a Parmesan bread crumb mixture then it's baked in a very hot oven.

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