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Hand Ice Mold With Dragon's Blood Punch


A hand-shaped ice in the punch makes this a great Halloween party treat.


  • 2 quarts apple juice
  • 2 quarts cranberry juice
  • 2 liter bottle ginger ale
  • new rubber glove
  • red food coloring
  • 1 pound coffee can
  • water


To make the hand, fill a new rubber glove with water. Make sure the glove does not have powder inside. Tie at the wrist with string and freeze one or two days. Carefully cut glove away to unmold. Don't worry if you lose a finger when unmolding, this only adds to the ghoulish effect. To make a base for the hand, fill a one-pound coffee can about 1/3 full with water. Insert the hand and freeze until firm.

To make the punch, mix apple juice, cranberry juice, and ginger ale, If you would like to change the size of the recipe, use an equal amount of each juice and the ginger ale. Refrigerate to chill thoroughly. When ready to serve, place half the mixture in the punch bowl. Insert hand ice mold in the center. Fill bowl with remaining punch.
For added effect, place a few drops of red food coloring on the tips of the fingers just before serving.
Makes 1 1/2 gallons of punch.

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