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A SUPER Super Bowl Party

A Make-Ahead Feast of Fast & Fabulous Football Food


Hot Garlic-Orange Olives

Hot Garlic-Orange Olives

Terri Pischoff Wuerthner

Super Bowl parties are not the time to count calories! It's a time to feast--all day long! There are links below to recipes that can be made ahead so that you--as host or hostess, or just by yourself--can enjoy the entire game. 

The recipes are varied and plentiful. Depending on whether you're expecting a crowd or just a couple of people, you can choose one, several, or all of the recipes.

They're perfect Super Bowl fare--munchy, crunchy, some salty, and all full of flavor. No elitist recipes here--just good and tasty food that can set out for hours. And the best part is that they're made ahead of time so there's no fussing over the food after the game starts.

For a few Super Bowl party ideas:

  • Set up one table for the food, with plates, napkins, glasses and forks so it's all ready for guests to start feasting as soon as they arrive
  • If you want to decorate, do so in the colors of the teams playing the game. Or, in the colors of your favorite team(s) even though they may not be playing (there's always next year, and maybe you'll need those colors then)
  • You may want to set aside a separate room without a television for those who would rather visit with each other than watch the game
  • If there are children present, designate a room for them with a VCR and some games. Set up foods they are likely to enjoy, so they'll want to stay in their special room (and, to be honest, not interrupt the game)
  • For beverages, beer is a natural with football, so have plenty of it. You may also want wine, depending on the tastes of your guests. An easy bar setup would be to have a bottle of vodka, with orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, tonic, and a bucket of ice. That way, guests can pour either their favorite cocktail, or enjoy the juices by themselves. The juices also serve as drinks for the kids
  • Door prizes are always fun, and so is winning something--especially for ones' knowledge of football. It's the thought and competition that counts, so you could get either inexpensive gag gifts, or some football-related gifts. They can be awarded for two competitions:
  1. When guests arrive you could have them write down their best guess on the final score, the player who will score the most points, the most yards, most interceptions, and the most touchdowns. The person who guesses the closest to the correct total in each category gets a prize.
  2. You could have a list of Super Bowl trivia questions (see below), and the person answering the most questions correctly gets a prize.


  • Where, in the 365 days of the year, does Super Bowl rank in the amount of food consumed? Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day in the United States for food consumption, right behind Thanksgiving Day
  • Where does Super Bowl rank in terms of the number of television viewers? Super Bowl usually has the highest number of viewers of any American television show in a given year. The 2010 Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts had the highest number of viewers in American television history, beating out the final episode of M*A*S*H, which had previously held the title
  • Are commercials within the Super Bowl game more expensive than those for other very highly rated shows, such as the Academy Awards? Commercials played during the Super Bowl are the most expensive of the year, thus advertisers pay huge prices, and the commercials are generally quite unique, becoming a "show" of their own
  • What was the cost of a 30-second commercial in 2006? In 2006, the cost of a 30-second commercial averaged $2.5 million
  • What is the expected cost of a 30-second commercial in 2011? The cost of a 30 second commercial in 2011 is estimated (by http://www.chacha.com) to cost 3 million dollars.
  • Who starred in the first famous Super Bowl commercial, when was it, and what product was being advertized? The first famous Super Bowl commercial was a 1974 ad for Noxzema, featuring Super Bowl legend Joe Namath
  • When was the first Super Bowl played? The first Super Bowl was played in 1967
  • What teams played in the first Super Bowl Game? The Green Bay Packers of the National Football League and the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League
  • What was the final score of the first Super Bowl Game? Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35 - 10
  • What player has scored the most touchdowns in Super Bowls? Jerry Rice has scored the most touchdowns--7 in three Super Bowls
  • What player has played in the most Super Bowls? Mike Lodish has played in the most Super Bowls (six); four with Buffalo and two with Denver
  • Has any NFL team ever played the Super Bowl on its' own home field? No NFL team has ever played the Super Bowl on its own home field
  • In the history of the Super Bowl, have any games ever gone into overtime play? No Super Bowl game has ever gone into overtime play
  • Which is the only team that failed to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game? The Dolphins are the only team that failed to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl game 
  • The same team won the first two Super Bowl games. What team was it? The Green Bay Packers
  • Who were the first African-Americans to coach in a Super Bowl? Tony Dungy of the Colts and Lovie Smith of the Bears made history as the first African-Americans to coach in a Super Bowl
  • Which Super Bowl game had the most lopsided score in Super Bowl History? The San Francisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos 55-10 on Jan. 28, 1990, in Super Bowl XXIV
  • Which player of the San Francisco 49ers has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards? Joe Montana; three times.
  • What trophy is awarded to the winning Super Bowl team? The Vince Lombardi Trophy
  • At what Super Bowl was the Vince Lombardi Trophy first awarded, and where was the game held? At Super Bowl V, in Miami
  • What company makes the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Tiffany makes the trophy, which takes 72 man hours to produce at a cost of $12,500


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