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How to Make Meatloaf


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How to Make Meatloaf
ground beef and ground pork

Ground beef and ground pork go into this meatloaf.

Image © Diana Rattray
A mixture of lean ground beef and pork is my favorite combination for a meatloaf, though you can use ground ham, pork sausage, or ground veal along with the beef. Or, use all ground beef. For this meatloaf, I used 1 pound of lean ground beef and 1/2 pound of ground pork.

I used my stand mixer to slowly mix the meatloaf ingredients, but you can do this by hand as well. A less messy way to mix a meatloaf is to put everything in a large food storage bag and knead the bag to blend ingredients.

*** Tip: If you can't find lean ground pork, try grinding your own boneless pork loin using your grinder or food processor.

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