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Food and Cooking Instruction

Food and cooking pages with the focus on instruction and cooking help.
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Egg Wash for Yeast Breads and Rolls
Which egg wash should you use on yeast breads? Here's a handy chart showing the results of different egg washes, plus tips on when and how to use it.

Herb Crusted Top Loin Roast With Pan Gravy
This delicious and tender top loin roast is rubged with a variety of herbs, garlic, and other seasonings, then it's roasted to perfection. Make this for a special family meal or Sunday dinner and serve with mashed potatoes or baked, along with your favorite vegetable dishes.

Tip for Boiling Potatoes
You know how the inside of the cover ends up with a cooked-on mess when you boil potatoes? Here's a tip that will keep scrubbing to a minimum!

Weekend Prep Tip
Chopping vegetables in advance will not only shorten your prep time on a busy weekday, it will inspire you to cook dishes you might not attempt otherwise!

How do You Make Your Mashed Potatoes Special
Share your tips and tricks for delicious mashed potatoes.

Garlic Tips - Tips for Mincing and Chopping Garlic
Here are a few tips for peeling, chopping, and mincing garlic.

How Much to Buy: Chicken
How much boneless or bone-in chicken to buy for a family, a larger event, potluck, or other type of meal.

Copycat Recipe Index
Here's the main copycat recipe index, with a variety of restaurant inspired recipes.

Roasted Garlic Recipe
Roasted garlic with butter and a little thyme, along with chicken broth and other seasonings.

Cooking Potatoes
Here are some tips for cooking and preparing potatoes. Tips and help for baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, and roasted potatoes

Cooking with Cast Iron
How to season and re-season iron skillets and pots, plus several recipes.

Crock Pot Cooking Tips and Help for Adapting Recipes
Crockpot Recipes, Tips, and Help: A guide to adapting recipes to the crock pot/slow cooker, with time conversion and specific food cooking tips.

Fat-Lowering Tips
Here are some tips for lowering the fat in everyday favorite recipes.

Fried Chicken Tips and Techniques
Tips for making the best fried chicken - several chicken frying tips and coating advice.

Glossary of Food and Cooking Terms
A-Z cooking dictionary, with definitions for a variety of foods and cooking terms.

Ground Beef Cooking Tips
Ground beef cooking tips and safe handling information. Several hamburger cooking tips. tips for keeping moisture in burgers, giving them a smoky flavor, and several topping recipe ideas.

Holiday Cookie Decorating
Cookie decorating ideas and techniques, along with links to recipes.

Ice Cream-Making Tips
Tips for making, serving and storing ice cream.

Mango Preparation and Storage
Mango preparation and storage information.

Picnic and Cookout Safety
Picnic safety tips for great picnics, potlucks, and barbecues. Cookout tips, including safety and cleanup tips, plus several recipes.

Pie-Making Tips and Techniques
Several tips to help you make the best pies.

Salad Making Tips
Helpful tips for better salads. Tips and information about salad making, including pasta salad tips, potato salad tips, and other hints.

Sweet Onion Tips
Tips and advice on cooking and storing sweet onions.

Turkey Basics: Safe Cooking
Cooking a turkey safely - USDA guidelines.

Cast Iron: The Original Non-stick Cookware-Caring for Cast Iron Pans
Cast Iron pots and pans are a proven reliable method of cooking. They offer even heat distribution; are thick enough to help prevent scorching food, even if on a high heat; will last for generations; will serve you well with just a bit of regular care; they can go from stovetop to oven to table; and are attractive and charming enough to bring directly to the table for a casual meal.

Cuts of Pork: Pork Butt or Boston Butt
Ever wonder why this shoulder cut is called the "butt?"

Pear Varieties and Tips
What pears do you use for baking? Here is some information on pear varieties, along with tips for choosing pears.

How Much Salt is In "Boiling Salted Water"
The term "boiling salted water" is found in many recipes for potatoes, pasta, and vegetables. How much salt should you add?

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