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Healthy and Low-Fat Recipes and Resources

Low-fat recipes and other recipe pages with the focus on healthy food and eating.

High-Flavor, Low-Fat Shrimp and Catfish Étouffée
This quickly-made dish is lower in fat and calories that most Cajun dishes, as the fat has been carefully reduced to allow all the standard flavor and texture to come through.

Light and Spicy Creole Rice Salad
This salad makes a different addition to a meal, party, or potluck rather than the usual potato or macaroni salad. With the addition of some chicken, meat, or fish this makes a wonderful entrée--add a green salad and you have a complete meal.

The Cajun Contradiction
These delicious recipes have had some of the fat and, thus, calories removed, but retain every bit of the flavor of the higher fat versions. The people enjoying them will never realize that the recipes are reduced in fat, and are a healthier adaption of the normally high-fat dishes.

Cajun Re-Invented Loses its fat...
These "re-invented" recipes for chicken gravy and bread pudding are lower in fat and calories, yet taste as good as the "real thing." They won't cause any disappointment, just a lighter feeling.

Lightened-Up Bread Pudding with Lemon Cream
For this bread pudding, I use evaporated lowfat milk and only one egg and one egg white to hold it together rather that 3-4 eggs. Just 1 tablespoon of butter dots the top--still giving a golden, buttery look and taste. It's even top it with cream, with each serving getting 1 generous tablespoon of whipped cream to slowly melt over the hot bread...

Light Seafood Sauce Recipe
A sauce made with skim evaporated milk and scallops. Serve this light seafood sauce with baked or broiled fish, or use to moisten a seafood stuffing.

Creamy Low Fat White Sauce
A white sauce recipe made with skim milk, chicken broth, and seasonings. Low Fat white sauce with optional cheese.

Light Pineapple Coffee Cake
Low fat pineapple coffee cake with healthy ingredients.

Yogurt Cheese
A recipe for yogurt cheese, a healthy alternative to sour cream and cream cheese.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes with garlic, butter, and Parmesan cheese, along with low fat milk and seasonings.

Chicken Piccata Recipe
This flavorful chicken and lemon recipe -- chicken piccata -- is made with boneless chicken breasts, lemon juice, capers, and a bread crumb coating. Serve this chicken with hot cooked rice or buttered noodles.

Low Fat Cooking
Articles, recipes, and dozens of links to more. This site is devoted to low-fat cooking.

Low-Fat Angel Food Cake Icing
This low-fat icing for fat-free angel food cake is made with sugar free pudding, fat free whipped topping, and fruit.

Low-Fat Southern Fried Chicken
This fried chicken is made with a buttermilk and corn flake coating, fried in just a little oil.

Quick and Easy Minestrone
A quick and easy minestrone soup recipe with shredded cabbage and oregano and onion.

Yogurt Cheese
Low fat recipes for southern favorites; a recipe for yogurt cheese, a healthy alternative to sour cream and cream cheese.

Diabetic Life-Style
Excellent online magazine with monthly articles, news, and a great variety of healthy recipes.

Low Fat Recipes Links
Low fat recipes from other great sites.

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