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Microwave Recipes

A variety of microwave main dish and side dish recipes, dessert recipes, and microwave candy and fudge recipes.

Easy Sesame Pecan Chicken
Asian flavors, pecans, sesame seeds, and chicken are among the ingredients in this tasty microwave chicken recipe. Serve this sesame chicken over hot boiled rice or grits.

Microwave Chicken With Tomatoes - Chicken Breast Recipe, Microwave
Chicken with tomatoes, bell pepper, garlic, basil, and other seasonings, cooked in the microwave. A microwave chicken recipe with tomatoes and chicken breasts.

Easy Microwave Mashed Potatoes
With the microwave, these mashed potatoes take about half the time.

Microwave Zucchini Bread
This zucchini bread is cooked in the microwave. Zucchini bread recipe, shared by Becky.

Pork Chops and Rice - Microwave Oven Recipe
This is a recipe for pork chops with raisins, onion, brown sugar and rice, cooked in the microwave.

Candy's Microwave Peanut Brittle
A favorite from Candy, with very good and detailed instructions.

Chicken Wild Rice Casserole
Made with cooked chicken, long grain and wild rice, almonds, mushrooms, and other ingredients.

Chocolate Turtles
Made with chocolate chips, caramels, pecan halves, butter, and other ingredients.

Beef Stuffed Zucchini
This stuffed zucchini is made with a flavorful ground beef and tomato sauce mixture.

Cyndi's Microwave Peanut Brittle
Thanks to Cyndi for sharing this peanut brittle recipe.

Dawn's Chicken Parmesan
Microwave version of a great favorite.

Easy Peanut Butter Brownie Dessert Cups
This microwave chocolate dessert recipe is made with peanut butter, cocoa, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Brownie dessert with peanut butter baked in custard cups.

Tortilla Casserole
This easy tortilla and ground beef bake is cooked in the microwave.

Fresh Peach Cobbler with Dumplings
Made with fresh peaches and spiced dumpling batter. From a Louisiana microwave cookbook.

Frosted Microwave Pumpkin Bars
Here's a recipe for frosted pumpkin bars made in the microwave, a great recipe for the fall season.

Ham and Yam Louisiane
Canned sweet potatoes are cooked with chopped ham and raisins.

How to Cook Asparagus
Instructions include directions for microwave oven and other methods.

Microwave candy with chow mein noodles and butterscotch chips, along with peanuts and peanut butter.

How to Squeeze More Juice from Lemons
Use your microwave to help you get more juice from lemons.

Italian Sausage Sandwiches
Bake or microwave these delicious sandwiches.

Easy Microwave Breakfast Casserole
This is an easy breakfast casserole recipe for one, made with eggs, ham, and cheddar cheese, cooked in the microwave.

Quick and Easy Meat Loaf Recipe
A meat loaf recipe made in the microwave oven. This tasty seasoned meatloaf includes ground beef, bread crumbs, ketchup, cheese, and dry onion soup mix.

Meatloaf Sandwiches
Tasty meatloaf sandwiches, heated in the microwave oven, from MIKKIBAUM.

Microwave Baked Apple
Baked apple with cinnamon candies, cooked in microwave oven. Easy baked apple recipe.

Microwave Caramel Corn
This recipe was shared on our forum.

Microwave Corn Pudding
A recipe for corn puddin, with Mexican-style corn, cornmeal, butter, eggs, and other ingredients.

Microwave Peanut Butter Cups
An easy candy recipe, made in foil cups for gift giving.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Verla's pumpkin pie recipe is made in the blender and baked in microwave oven. This is a quick and easy version of a fall dessert favorite.

Microwave Fudge
Chocolate fudge made in the microwave, with cocoa, confectioners' sugar, pecans, milk, butter, and flavoring.

Barbecued Shrimp
This recipe for shrimp barbecue is cooked in the microwave. Ingredients include shrimp, butter, lemon juice, and herbs.

Microwave Zucchini Bread
This recipe was shared by Becky. Ingredients include zucchini, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, and other ingredients.

Texas Squash Casserole
Made with summer squash or zucchini, onions, green chiles, cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips.

Turkey and Corn Fajitas
Made with cooked shredded turkey, flour tortillas, corn, onion, green pepper, salsa, and seasonings.

Quick and Easy Nachos
Nachos with cheese made in the microwave oven. Easy nacho recipe with jalapeno peppers, cheese, and taco sauce.

Cooking for One
This site offers helpful tips on timing, equipment and more, plus a sampling of recipes from the book, "Microwave Cooking for One." From Tracy Grant, the author's daughter.

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