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Nut Cookie Recipes

Nut cookies, including pecan cookies, hazelnut cookies, walnut cookies, almond crescents, and many more.

Black Walnut Cookies
These old-fashioned black walnut cookies are refrigerator cookies, chilled before slicing. A recipe for black walnut refrigerator cookies.

Chunky Brazil Nut Drop Cookies - Brazil Nut Cookie Recipe
Brazil nut cookies with cut up Brazil nuts, butter, vanilla, and coconut. Chunky Brazil nut drop cookie recipe.

Walnut Cookies - Black Walnut Cookie Recipe
These old-fashioned black walnut cookies contain shortening, sugar, and sugar for dipping. These cookies are shaped then dipped in sugar before baking.

Walnut Crescents - Nut Crescent Cookie Recipe
These butter cookies are made with walnuts, sugar, vanilla, confectioners sugar, and other ingredients. Walnut cookie recipe rolled into crescent shapes.

Nut Crescent Cookies - Recipe for Nut Cookies
Nut crescents are cookies made with 3 different kinds of chopped nuts, including hazelnuts or macadamia nuts, pecans, and almonds.

Hazelnut Crackles - Hazelnut Cookie Recipe
Hazelnut cookies with brown sugar, chocolate, and toasted hazelnuts. Hazelnut cookie recipe.

Chocolate Walnut Cookies - Recipe for Chocolate Drop Cookies with Walnuts
Chocolate cookies with walnuts and melted chocolate and butter; a chocolate drop cookie recipe. Chocolate walnut cookies are made with butter, eggs, vanilla, melted chocolate and other ingredients.

Chocolate Nut Butterballs
With chocolate, butter, vanilla, and chopped nuts.

Peanut Cookie Recipe - Recipe for Peanut Puff Cookies
These peanut cookies are made with peanut butter and butter and peanuts and confectioners sugar. Peanut puff cookies recipe.

Brown Sugar Almond Cookies - Recipe for Buttery Almond Cookies with Brown Sugar
These almond cookies are made with butter and brown sugar and slivered toasted almonds. Almond cookie recipe.

Plantation Cookies with Peanuts - Brown Sugar Peanut Cookie Recipe
Peanut cookies with brown sugar and chopped peanuts, along with oil and egg. Peanut cookie recipe with vanilla.

Pecan Crescent Cookies - Pecan Cookie Recipe
Pecan crescent cookies, made with butter, chopped pecans, flour, vanilla, and confectioners sugar. A pecan cookie recipe with butter.

Pecan Drop Cookie Recipe - Easy Drop Cookies with Pecans
These easy drop cookies are made with vegetable oil, sugar, a little nutmeg, eggs, vanilla, and pecans. Quick and easy drop cookie recipe with pecans.

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