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Flaming Peach Dessert


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  • 2 Peaches, ripe but not soft
  • 2-3 tbsp. Butter
  • 3 tbsp. Brown sugar
  • Rum, dark, to taste


Take 2 ripe, peaches, cut in half, then slice in about 4 or 5 slices. Melt a few tbsp. butter over medium heat. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of brown sugar; stir. Add peaches. Cook until fairly warm and starting to soften, about 1 minute. Flip and allow to cook an additional 30 seconds. Add rum (light or dark; dark has more flavor) to taste, and swirl in pan a bit. Light a very long match and pass over pan. Allow flame to die down and sauce to thicken slightly, remove from heat and serve over ice cream.
2 servings.

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