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Pear Recipes - Recipes using Pears

A variety of recipes using pears, including pear pie, muffins, and more.

Pear Varieties and Tips
What pears are best for baking? Here's information about pear varieties and tips for ripening and using pears in recipes.

Pear Crisp
A buttery oat and brown sugar topping gives this pear dessert great flavor and texture.

Poached Pears With Orange Juice
Serve these poached pears "as-is" or with a dollop of whipped cream, or spoon them over ice cream or sponge cake.

Asian Pear Cake
This Asian pear cake is packed with diced pears and pecans. A tasty cake recipe with pears.

Pear Loaf Cake Recipe - A Vanilla Loaf Cake With Chopped Pears and Streusel ...
Pear loaf cake recipe is a vanilla loaf cake made with butter and vanilla, along with chopped pears and brown sugar cinnamon streusel.

Spiced Oat Pear Cake Recipe - Oat Pear Cake With Spices and Oats
A spiced pear cake with oats, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, and canned pears in syrup. A tasty spiced oat pear cake recipe.

Orange Poached Pears Recipe - Pears With Sugar and Orange and Spices
Spiced orange poached pears recipe with orange juice, zest, sugar, cloves and cinnamon. A recipe for tasty poached pears with orange juice.

Butterscotch Pear Crunch - Pear Dessert Recipe
Butterscotch pear crunch recipe, a pear dessert made with canned pears, brown sugar, nutmeg, and rice cereal. Easy pear dessert recipe.

Gingered Fresh Pear Cake Recipe - Pear Cake With Ginger
A fresh pear cake with spices, for the holidays. A spiced pear cake recipe.

Fruit Compote Recipe - Baked Pears With Oranges and Raisins
Baked pears with sliced oranges, raisins, brown sugar, and butter. A fruit compote recipe with whole pears.

Poached Pears - Poached Pear Recipe With Spices
Poached pears with red wine and spices. A poached pears recipes, a delicious dessert for any meal.

Pear Cake - Pear Cake Recipe With Walnuts or Pecans and Spices
A pear cake with walnuts and spices, or use pecans in this pear cake recipe. A flavorful pear cake recipe.

Country Pear Cobbler Recipe
A country pear cobbler made with brown sugar, nutmeg, cloves and pears with a batter topping. This pear cobbler recipe was shared on our forum.

Pear Pie Recipe - French Pear Pie Recipe
Pear pie recipe is a French pear pie with ginger, fresh pears, and crumb topping.

Pear Dessert Recipe - Pears with Ginger and Sour Cream Topping
Pear dessert recipe with a sweet sour cream topping, currant jelly, and ginger, along with spices. Pear dessert recipe made with canned pear halves and other ingredients.

Pear Walnut Muffins - Pear Muffin Recipe
This recipe for pear walnut muffins includes cinnamon and has a topping of walnuts and brown sugar.

Pear Dessert Recipe - Spiced Pear Dessert
Pear dessert recipe with cinnamon and brown sugar. These pears are scored to look like acorns, then simmered or baked with a brown sugar sauce.

Pear Pie Recipe - Pear Pie with Cinnamon
Pear pie recipe - 2-crust pear pie with lattice top and cinnamon in the fresh pear filling. A delicious spiced pear pie.

Pear Dessert Recipe - Blushing Pears with Cinnamon Candies
Blushing pears recipe with red hots cinnamon candies and syrup. A dessert recipe for blushing pears.

Pear Dessert Recipe - Simmered Pears with Orange Juice
An easy dessert made with fresh pears, sugar, orange juice, and orange peel. A simmered pear dessert recipe.

Curried Fruit Recipe - Fruit with Canned Fruit and Curry
Pineapple, peaches, pears, and cherries are cooked with curry powder and brown sugar. Curried fruit recipe.

Pear Pie Recipe - Recipe for Pear Pie with Orange Juice and Ginger
A 2-crust pear pie with nutmeg and ginger. Pear pie recipe with nutmeg, ginger, orange juice and a little lemon juice.

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