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Recipes with Green Peas

Recipes using green peas, also known as English peas, including salads, side dish recipes, and main dish recipes.

Buttery Minted Peas
The mint jelly, butter, and fresh mint bring these frozen peas up to the quality of a vegetable at a good restaurant. You would never believe they are from the supermarket freezer.

Creamed Peas With Mushrooms and Onions
These light creamed peas are made with an easy and light white sauce, onions, and sauteed mushrooms. An easy and elegant recipe for peas.

English Pea Pesto Pasta
The natural sweetness and beautiful color of English peas make them a great addition to pesto. This pesto is easy to make and a delicious and easy pasta addition.

Glazed Sugar Snap Peas With Carrots
Tasty glazed peas with carrots, a delicious and attractive side dish. Glazed sugar snap peas with carrots recipe.

Easy Creamed Peas
Creamed peas with butter and onions, along with a seasoned white sauce. Creamed pea recipe ingredients - creamed peas with onions and a dash of nutmeg and cream.

Freezing Vegetables - Green Peas
Preparation and blanching time for freezing green peas (English peas).

English Pea Casserole Recipe - Pea Casserole Recipe
A pea casserole, made with English peas, hard-cooked eggs, cheese, and other ingredients.

Saucy Peas with Onions Recipe - Easy Crockpot Peas
Peas cooked with onions, seasoning, Cheddar cheese and cream. Crockpot peas with onions.

New Potatoes and Peas in Cream Recipe
Recipe for new potatoes and peas in cream, a popular side dish recipe.

Creamed Peas and New Potatoes II Recipe
Recipe for Creamed Peas and New Potatoes with homemade white sauce.

Creamed Peas and New Potatoes Recipe
A popular recipe for new potatoes and peas. This recipe was shared on our forum.

Peas au Gratin Recipe - English Peas Side Dish Recipe
This delicious side dish is made with frozen green peas, Cheddar cheese, cream of mushroom soup and water chestnuts. A recipe for peas au gratin and links to more recipes with green or English peas.

Fresh Green Pea Salad Recipe
This recipe for green pea salad includes cooked crumbled bacon, green onions, sour cream, dill, and cooked green peas.

Pea Salad - Recipe for a Green Pea Salad with Water Chestnuts
Pea salad with water chestnuts, carrots, and other vegetables, with a ranch dressing. Green pea salad is made with frozen green peas and ranch dressing with vegetables.

Petit Pois - Recipe for English Peas with Lettuce
Petit pois are green or English peas cooked with lettuce and a dash of sugar and butter. This is a petit pois recipe.

Chicken a la King with Sour Cream
Delicious chicken recipe, made with cooked diced chicken, tasty sour cream sauce, frozen peas in butter sauce, and other seasonings.

Creamed New Potatoes With Peas
This recipe for creamed new potatoes contains potatoes, peas, heavy cream, and milk, along with mace or nutmeg and other seasonings.

Creamed Tuna on Toast
This dish is made with tuna, cooked peas, hard cooked eggs, and homemade sauce.

Creamy Pasta With Peas and Asparagus
If you're looking for a good tasting pasta recipe with fresh asparagus, this is an excellent choice. It's a flavorful, creamy pasta recipe, perfect for spring.

Curry Rice with Peas
Rice is cooked with curry powder, butter, peas, and other ingredients.

Dried Beef and Potato Casserole
This is a vintage recipe for a dried beef and potato casserole with a creamy sauce with peas. It's a very tasty combination of ingredients, topped with bread crumbs and baked to perfection.

Green Peas in Sauce with Eggs
Peas are combined with a homemade white sauce and chopped hard-cooked eggs.

Lamb Casserole
This casserole is made with lean lamb, green bell pepper, peas, paprika, rosemary, potatoes, and other ingredients.

Peas au Gratin
Peas are cooked with water chestnus, cream of mushroom soup, and Cheddar cheese.

Petit Pois
A classic dish of peas and lettuce, along with seasonings and butter.

Rice Salad Plus
A main dish recipe made with rice, peas, chicken, mayonnaise, tomatoes, and other ingredients.

Saucy Green Peas with Onions, Crockpot
Easy slow cooked peas with cheese, chopped onions, and seasonings, along with cream and other ingredients.

Shrimp with Peas and Rice
In this recipe, shrimp is cooked with peas and spices, then served on toast points or rice.

Weeping Salad
This salad is layered with lettuce, mayonnaise, sugar, peas, and onions.

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