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Plum Recipes and Recipes Using Prunes

Recipes using plums and prunes, including plum cakes and stewed plums, along with prune cakes and other desserts.

Pluot Cake or Plum Cake
Pluots or plums are used in this flavorful cake. A pluot cake or plum cake recipe.

Slow Cooked Stewed Plums
Plums are quartered then cooked in the slow cooker with cinnamon and sugar. Easy and tasty as a dessert or side dish with roast pork or baked ham.

Plum and Pear Cobbler Recipe - Cobbler With Plums and Pears
This tasty cobbler is made with thinly sliced plums, sliced pears, sugar, and a soft dough for topping. An easy and delicious fruit cobbler recipe, made with pears and plums.

Prune Walnut Spice Cake Recipe
A prune walnut spice cake recipe. A spice cake rcipe with prunes.

Plum Pie
A fresh plum pie recipe, and more recipes using plums or prunes.

Plum Kuchen Recipe
Plum Kuchen Recipe, with plums, butter, yeast, eggs, and poppy seeds. This recipe was posted to our forum.

Plum Crumble Recipe - A Plum Crisp Recipe With Fresh Plums
Plum crumble, made with fresh plums, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and other ingredients.

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