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Pork Stews and Pork Chili Recipes

Pork stew recipes and pork chili recipes, including crockpot stews and chili recipes, green chile pork, and more.

Hearty Pork Stew
This easy pork stew is made with carrots, peppers, and other vegetables and seasonings. An easy pork stew recipe, great for a fall or winter meal.

Pork and Tomatillo Stew
This pork stew recipe is made in the slow cooker, with boneless pork, jalapeno peppers, carrots, potatoes, and tomatillos, along with tomatoes and seasonings. A spicy pork stew recipe for the crockpot.

Pork and Black Bean Stew Recipe - Pork Stew Recipe
This delicious pork stew is packed with flavor! A pork stew recipe with black beans, corn, bell pepper, tomatoes, and other seasonings.

Pork Stew with Sweet Potatoes - Crockpot Pork Stew Recipe
This crockpot pork stew contains sweet potatoes, spices, garlic, onion, corn, bell pepper, and spicy Ro-tel tomatoes. A flavorful pork stew recipe.

Pork Stew With Spanish Flavor - Pork Stew Recipe
This Spanish flavored pork stew is made with cubed pork shoulder, tomato paste, wine, herbs, and seasonings. An easy stew to make, serve this pork dish with hot cooked rice and a Rioja, Pinot Noir, or similar red wine.

Green Chile Pork Recipe - Slow Cooker Recipes
This pork roast recipe is made with green chiles and tomatoes and onions. This crockpot pork recipe is shredded and served with tortillas.

Spanish Pork Stew with Potatoes - Crockpot Stew Recipe with Pork, Tomatoes ...
Crockpot pork stew with potatoes and tomatoes, bell peppers, pork butt, garlic, and onions. This is a pork stew for crockpot or slow cooker.

Crockpot Apple Cider Pork Stew - Pork Stew Recipe for the Slow Cooker
Slow cooker pork stew recipe made with apple cider and apple and carrots, potatoes, and onions. This pork stew recipe is cooked in the crockpot or slow cooker.

Pork and Sauerkraut Stew Recipe- Crockpot Pork Stew Recipe with Sauerkraut
Crockpot or slow cooker pork soup recipe with sauerkraut and pork butt and garlic. This crockpot pork and sauerkraut soup recipe is thickened with flour and sour cream.

Crockpot Stew Recipe - Pork Stew Recipe With Dumplings
Pork stew with potatoes and cornmeal dumplings, along with carrots and seasonings. A crockpot pork stew, a wonderful autumn family meal.

Pork and Cabbage Recipe - Recipe for Skillet Pork and Cabbage Includes Low ...
Skillet pork and cabbage recipe can be made low carb. A delicious pork and cabbage recipe.

Spicy Chili with Tequila
Ingredients include pork shoulder, garlic, habanero peppers, cumin, oregano, pinto beans, tomatoes, and tequila.

Pork Recipes - Pork Stew for the Crockpot
Recipe for pork stew with vegetables, a crockpot recipe.

Chili Pork Stew
Chili Pork Stew Recipe includes pork cubes, chili powder, tomatoes, and seasonings.

Pork and Hominy Chili
Pork and hominy chili with bacon and pork shoulder along with hominy, ancho chile peppers, corn, oregano, garlic, and other ingredients.

Pork Stew with Vegetables
Crockpot pork stew is made with pork tenderloin, onion, celery, mixed vegetables, herbs, and seasonings.

Southwestern Pork Chili
This pork chili is made with lean pork, garlic, onion, beans, tomatoes, and tortillas or cornbread.

Thai-Style Pork Stew, Crockpot
A pork stew recipe with Thai flavors of peanut butter and teriyaki sauce. Pork stew recipes with bell pepper and garlic and pork loin.

Southwest Pork Stew
This is a crockpot pork stew recipe with southwest flavors. Recipe ingredients include garlic, corn, cubes of boneless pork, tomatoes, rotel tomatoes, beef broth, taco seasoning.

Pork Stew with Dumplings
This is a crockpot pork stew recipe with dumplings, tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots and seasonings.

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