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Southern Regional Recipes

Recipes using very southern ingredients or recipes with roots firmly in the Southern states. Very Southern recipes and resources.
  1. Cajun Cuisine
  2. Sorghum Molasses (7)
  3. Southern Barbecue (?)

Chicken Fried Steak Recipes
Country fried steak or chicken fried steak, with recipes and a little history. Chicken fried steak recipes and recipes for country fried steak.

Country Ham With Red-Eye Gravy
This is a basic country ham recipe, with red eye gravy. This easy country ham is fried with butter and coffee, for an easy meal or breakfast.

Country Stars! Some of the Best-Loved Southern Recipes
Some of the most popular and best-loved recipes, with the focus on delicious country cooking. Country cooking stars.

Arroz Con Pollo - Spanish Style Chicken and Rice Recipe
A Spanish-style chicken and rice recipe, made with chicken parts, rice, saffron, garlic, and other vegetables and seasonings. Arroz con pollo recipe with chicken and rice.

Mississippi Mud Cake and Pie Recipes
Cakes and pies inspired by the muddy waters of the Mississippi River. Mississippi mud cakes and pies and other chocolate cake recipes.

Mustard Greens - Recipe for Mustard Greens
Recipes saved from the forum. Mustard greens with bacon or fat back.

Cornbread Salad - Recipe for Cornbread Salad with Bacon and Cheddar Cheese
A great cornbread salad from Miz Suzi, with cornbread, Ranch dressing, sour cream, mayonnaise, pinto beans, cheddar cheese, bacon, corn, red and green bell pepper, green onions, and tomatoes.

Mustard Greens Recipe
Recipes saved from the forum. Mustard greens cooked with bacon and onions.

Alabama Recipes
A great collection of recipes from the Huntsville area.

Cooking with Cast Iron
Recipes and the basics of seasoning and caring for your cast iron pots.

Chef Jimmy Sneed
A variety of recipes, from Redneck Risotto to New Wave Custard!

The Burgoo Page
All about Kentucky's own "burgoo" with several recipes.

Chef Rick's
An very good site, filled with facts, tips, and a big variety of Southern regional recipes, from the Low Country to Louisiana.

The Geezer's Cookbook
A collection of chili recipes!

Judy's Flavors of the South
Judy has an excellent collection, including Southern, Chinese, and chile pepper favorites.

Mountain Laurel
Lots of old-time Southern and Appalachian recipes and how-to's.

Star Chefs
A selection of recipes from a Southern cookbook.

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