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Easy Recipes and Quick Meals


Here are some of the easiest recipes, including crockpot favorites, casserole recipes, skillet meals, cake mix desserts, and more.
  1. Easy Chicken Recipes
  2. Slow Cooker Recipes
  3. Casserole Recipes
  4. Easy Desserts
  5. Skillet Recipes

Easy Chicken Recipes

Creamy Basil Chicken

Here are some of the best easy chicken recipes, including baked chicken, skillet chicken, and many more.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Chicken and Corn Chowder

Crockpot recipes are generally easy to prepare one-pot meals and main dish recipes, but there are many dessert, appetizer, and side dish recipes which can be cooked in the slow cooker.

Casserole Recipes

Hash Brown Casserole

Easy casserole recipes and oven meals, including one-pot meals and side dish casseroles.

Easy Desserts

Lemon Cream Cake

Here are some easy dessert recipes, including desserts using cake mixes, easy-to-prepare cookies and bars, quick candies, and more.

Skillet Recipes

Chicken and Artichokes

Skillet recipes are usually quick and easy to prepare, and many are one-pot meals.

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