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Red Snapper Recipes - Recipes Using Delicious Red Snapper

A variety of recipes using delicious red snapper, including a Cajun seasoned red snapper recipe and baked red snapper.

Blackened Red Snapper With Creole Sauce - Red Snapper Recipe
Blackened red snapper recipe, served with a homemade Creole sauce. This blackened red snapper is cooked with a coating of spicy homemade blackened seasoning and served with a flavorful Creole sauce.

Red Snapper With Garlic and Herbs - Baked Red Snapper Recipe
Red snapper with spicy seasoning, butter, and herb bread crumbs. An easy red snapper recipe with seasonings and buttery bread crumb topping.

Broiled Red Snapper With Cajun Seasonings - Broiled Red Snapper Recipe
Delicious red snapper with Cajun seasonings and a little oil, broiled and served with sauce or salsa. Broiled red snapper recipe with Cajun seasonings.

Spanish-Style Red Snapper Recipe - A Red Snapper Recipe With Mixed Bell Peppers
Spanish style red snapper recipe - baked red snapper fillets with mixed bell pepper rings, sweet onion rings, and seasonings, along with wine and a toasted almond garnish.

Alabama Baked Red Snapper Recipe
Recipes saved from the forum. A recipe for baked red snapper from Dr. Houston, using a whole fish, dill, lemon, garlic, bacon grease, and stewed tomatoes.

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