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Supper Salads

Beat the heat with a delicious main dish salad for lunch or dinner


chopped salad with ham and beans

A Delicious Chopped Salad

D. Rattray
Here are several main dish salads to help you beat the summer heat. Most of these salads can be served as a main dish, or take any tossed vegetable salad and add grilled or sliced deli meats or poultry, shredded or cubed cheese, pecans, beans, or peanuts.

Chopped Salad With Ham and Cheese
A delicious chopped salad, made with lettuce, onion, chick peas, diced ham, diced cheese, chopped pecans or peanuts, and an easy honey mustard vinaigrette or your own favorite dressing.

Marinated Steak Salad
Steak salad recipe along with other main dish salads. This recipe is marinated steak salad with salad greens, green pepper, tomatoes, and mushrooms, all marinated in a teriyaki sauce-based mixture.

Easy Taco Salad
Brown ground beef in advance or use frozen, pre-browned ground beef for this easy, hearty salad.

Tuna Salad Recipe
This colorful tuna salad contains tomatoes, red and green bell pepper, onion, tuna, ripe olives, and dressing ingredients.

Macaroni Salad with Cheese and Ham
This macaroni salad, shared on our forum by Shan, is made with ham, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, green bell pepper, onion, and celery.

Chicken Salad With Bacon
This chicken salad recipe contains cooked diced chicken, bacon, halved seedless grapes, mayonnaise, and celery, along with seasonings.

Chilled Salmon Pasta Salad
This salmon and pasta recipe is made with salmon, cooked spaghetti, chopped tomato, celery, cucumber, green onion, and Parmesan cheese.

Lobster Salad
Arrange this lobster salad on greens or avocado wedges or use the mixture to fill toasted buns and serve with chips or fries.

Ginger-Beef Salad
A ginger beef salad recipe, made with cooked beef steak or roast, vegetables, cooked vermicelli, and ginger dressing.

Steak Salad With Creamy Green Onion Dressing
This summer salad is made with cooked steak, cream, vinegar, green onions, and lettuce, along with other vegetables.

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