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Skewered Shrimp Recipe
Shrimp is skewered and broiled or grilled. Ingredients include shrimp, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and a wine and soy sauce marinade.

Shrimp with Parsley Butter and Lemon
Shrimp is cooked with butter and lemon juice and shrimp. An easy shrimp recipe with parsley and butter.

Shrimp Casserole Recipe with Rice
Shrimp casserole with rice, green onion, garlic, and clam juice. A tasty shrimp casserole with rice.

Shrimp with Spinach and Feta Cheese
Shrimp recipe with spinach and feta cheese, along with oregano, lemon juice, and other seasonings. Shrimp with spinach and feta cheese.

Fried Shrimp Recipe
Fried shrimp recipe with egg batter and cornmeal or bread crumbs. A recipe for deep fried shrimp.

Shrimp Recipe
Shrimp recipe with olives and green onion, baked with bread crumbs. A deviled shrimp recipe.

Cocktail Sauce Recipe
This cocktail sauce recipe is the perfect accompaniment to cooked shrimp. Serve cocktail sauce with shrimp or fried seafood.

Sherry Shrimp with Butter
Shrimp recipe with sherry and lemon juice and butter. A sherried shrimp recipe cooked under the broiler or try grilling this shrimp.

Seafood Crepes
Seafood crepes recipe with shrimp and crabmeat and Parmesan cheese. These seafood crepes are made with shrimp, nutmeg, sherry, half and half, crabmeat, and other ingredients.

Coconut Shrimp
Coconut shrimp recipe. This is coconut shrimp with a little curry powder, fried.

Pickled Shrimp
Pickled shrimp. This pickled shrimp recipe is an appetizer made with shrimps, dillweed, vinegar and lime juice.

Grilled Shrimp
Grilled shrimp recipe with garlic. Serve this grilled shrimp with garlic butter recipe.

Easy Shrimp Sauté
This shrimp is sauteed with butter and garlic then simmered in a cream and sherry sauce. Serve garlic and cream shrimp over rice or toast.

Bourbon Sesame Shrimp
Grilled or broiled sesame shrimp recipe. Shrimp are marinated in a mixture of bourbon and sesame oil and soy sauce then rolled in sesame seeds and grilled or broiled.

Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp scampi recipe with butter and garlic and lemon and parsley. Shrimp scampi.

Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp scampi recipe with butter and garlic and parsley and shrimp. Shrimp scampi.

Shrimp with Green Peas
Shrimp with green peas and rice, along with green onions, ginger, soy sauce, and garlic. Shrimp with green peas and rice recipe.

Shrimp Curry with Rice
Shrimp recipe with curry powder and rice and pineapple. A shrimp curry recipe with pineapple and lemon juice, rice, and garlic.

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