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Frequently Asked Questions About Slow Cookers or Crockery Cookers

Answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about the slow cooker. The slow cooker or crockpot FAQ.

Liquids in the Slow Cooker
Are you adding enough water or broth to the slow cooker with that pot roast? Why do you end up with 3 times more liquids after the food is cooked?

Slow Cooker Size Questions
What size slow cooker should you buy, and can you cook a smaller amount in a larger crockpot?

Using an Automatic Timer on the Slow Cooker
Some guidelines for using an automated timer on your slow cooker or crockpot. Safety concerns and convenience answers.

Potatoes and Other Root Vegetables in the Crockpot
Cooking root vegetables in the slow cooker. Potatoes and other root vegetables might not become tender in some dishes.

Browning Meat for the Slow Cooker - Advantage but not a Necessity
Browning meat for the slow cooker. Ground beef should be browned before adding to the slow cooker but most other meats are fine as they are.

Slow Cooker FAQ: Foods not Suited to Slow Cooking
Here are some of the foods which don't do very well in the slow cooker. Milk and dairy products can be problematic, and fish and seafood could become tough.

Slow Cooker FAQ - Cooking Foods Safely
Does the slow cooker get hot enough to cook food safely? A question about slow cooker or crockpot safety.

Slow Cooker or Crockpot FAQ - Advantages of Slow Cooker Cooking
Some of the advantages of slow cooker cooking, cooking in crockpot, crockery cooker, slow cooker.

FAQ: Crockpot or Slow Cooker Differences
What is the difference in terms, including a description of the basic slow cooker and other types or slow cookers.

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