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Can I use a timer on my slow cooker?


Question: Can I use a timer on my slow cooker?
A timer might be a great convenience when you spend 10 hours away from home and want to cook an 8-hour slow cooker meal. Here are some guidelines to help you do it safely.
Answer: Some slow cookers have timers, but you might find one that can attach to oyour crockpot at the hardware store. A timer will allow you to cook a dish requiring 6 hours even though you will be away for 8 to 10 hours.
Make sure all ingredients are chilled before preparing the dish. Set the cooking to begin no longer than 2 hours after assembling the chilled ingredients in the crock and setting the timer, but for poultry, no longer than 1 hour later. The hot cooked food should not stand for longer than 2 hours after the cooking time ends. Follow the manufacturer's instructions if your slow cooker includes a timer and/or a "keep warm" setting.

Another alternative for a dish requiring a short cooking time is to cook it the night before, cool for no longer than 2 hours, and refrigerate. Heat it in the microwave the next day.

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