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What size slow cooker should I buy?


Question: What size slow cooker should I buy?
Answer: Popular sizes are 3 1/2-, 4-, and 5-quart models, but many larger or smaller models are available. Most slow cookers have removable liners. The 3 1/2-quart models are fine for most dishes and needs, but the 5-quart (and larger) models might allow you to insert other dishes, such as souffle, small spingform pans, or pudding molds, giving you a wider range of options. Manufacturers usually recommend filling the pot half to three-quarters full, so if you're cooking for two, this might be an important consideration.

Many people will tell you they use a 5-quart pot for small-quantity dishes, and have good results.
I have an older 3 1/2-quart pot and a 5-quart pot, and they are both get plenty of use.

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