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Crockery cooker or slow cooker... what's the difference?


Question: Crockery cooker or slow cooker... what's the difference?
Answer: The most common models have a crockery pot insert and the heating elements are housed in the sides, so the heat actually surrounds the food. The two heat settings are LOW (200 degrees) and HIGH (300 degrees). The other type of slow cooker, or "multi-cooker" usually cooks from the bottom and might have a thermostat allowing a wide range of temperatures. Recipes cooked in this type of cooker might need occasional stirring. Every time the lid is lifted, add 20 minutes to the overall cooking time to keep them from scorching on the bottom.

The term Crock-Pot® is actually Rival Manufacturing Company's trademarked name, but the terms crockpot, crockery cooker, and slow cooker generally have the same meaning. Most recipes designed for the slow cooker are with the two-setting Rival model in mind, so adjust accordingly if using another brand of cooker, and read the manufacturer's instructions and sample recipes.

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