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Party and Special Occasion Recipes

Party and event recipes, including recipes and foods for baby showers, sporting events, and special family breakfasts.

Pulled Pork Egg Rolls
This pulled pork egg rolls recipe is really very easy to prepare, and they can be baked or deep fried. This is an excellent, unique way to use leftover or purchased pulled pork.

Top Chicken Wing Recipes
Searching for a recipe for tasty chicken wings? Here are my favorite recipes, including the most popular chicken wing recipes on this site.

Fourth of July Menu With Recipes
Have a super successful fourth of July event with some of these recipe suggestions! This menu includes some of the most popular cookout side dishes, along with burgers, a chicken marinade, perfect iced tea, peach cobbler or a celebration cake, and some great snacks to get the party started.

Mother's Day Lunch
Whether you plan a brunch, lunch, or special dinner, some of these recipe suggestions are sure to fit into your Mother's Day menu. Here are some menu and recipe suggestions for a very special Mother's day luncheon or tea.

Mother's Day
This meal takes care of breakfast and lunch as it is filling enough to last until dinner. The Orange Cream is a delightfully sweet/tart beverage for both children and adults; the cornbread dish is filling, and very southern with the combination of sausage, apples and cornbread served with a drizzle of syrup; and the fruit is in a mellow dressing, yet livened up with the crunch of pecans and the freshness of mint.

Janet's Crab Bites
These crab bites make a tasty appetizer for any party or holiday gathering. Serve these tasty crab appetizers with cocktail sauce or remoulade sauce.

Cookout Recipes
Here are some of my favorite recipes for family cookouts, including delicious vegetable, pasta, and potato salads, grilled meat and poultry, sauces, grilled veggies, and more.?

New Year's Brunch Recipes
New Year's brunch is a tradition for many families. Here are lots of brunch ideas, including recipes for quiches, salads, grits, egg recipes, and more.

Summertime Recipes
Delicious summertime recipes include great salads, delicious cool desserts, recipes for the grill, and more. Bean salads, a strawberry spinach salad, potato salads, and many more.

Super Bowl Recipes
Some tasty recipes suggestions for the big game, including easy crockpot soups and chilis, hearty appetizers, flavorful dips, and great desserts.

Memorial Day Recipes
Memorial day recipes include delicious salads, cobblers and seasonal fruit desserts, grilled steaks, grilled fish, and more.

St Basil Cake Recipe
This is a traditional Greek cake shared by Chazerz. A rich cake recipe served on New Years Eve, with a coin inside.

Baby Shower Recipes
Recipe suggestions for baby showers, from appetizers to punch.

Party & Holiday Recipes
Appetizers and a big variety of special occasion recipes.

Homemade Soft Pretzels
These delicious homemade pretzels are soft and chewy, perfect for a party or game day get-together. Serve with a grainy mustard or similar dip.

Baby Shower Recipes
A variety of recipes, including several different punches.

Donna's Nachos
Donna's nachos made with tortilla chips, refried beans, lean ground beef, jalapeno peppers, and cheddar cheese.

Eight Chefs share some of their favorite holiday recipes.

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