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Spoonbread Recipes

Spoonbread is a pudding-like bread generally eaten with a spoon or fork. Here are several spoon bread recipes.

Old-Fashioned Spoon Bread
Old-fashioned spoon bread recipe, made with stone ground or water ground cornmeal and milk.

Spoonbread With Grits
Grits give this spoonbread extra texture and the egg whites help keep it light.

This is a simple, classic spoonbread, made with white cornmeal, butter, and eggs.

Spoonbread with Bacon
This Cheddar spoonbread is made with the addition of bacon and a little garlic.

Mountain Spoonbread
This is a basic spoonbread made with cornmeal, water, milk, eggs, and bacon drippings. This is delicious served hot as a side dish. It's served with a spoon and makes a good rice or potato replacement. 

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