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Sugar Cookies and Brown Sugar Cookie Recipes

A variety of sugar cookies, including soft sugar cookies, brown sugar cookies, and more.

Filled Sugar Cookies
These cut-out cookies are filled with a chocolate ganache, jam, or dulce de leche. They're beautiful cookies, perfect for any special occasion.

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing
These buttery sugar cookies are topped with a royal icing made with meringue powder.

Classic Sugar Cookies
These classic cookies are made with butter and egg yolks, chilled, cut out, decorated, and baked to perfection.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies Recipe - Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs With Chocolate
Chocolate sugar cookie recipe, a sugar cookie with chocolate, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, and colored sugar or other decorative toppings.

Brown Sugar Hazelnut Cookies
Brown sugar cookies with hazelnuts and vanilla, along with brown sugar, butter, and an easy icing. A brown sugar cookie recipe.

Sugar Cookie Recipe - Sugar Cookies
Sugar cookie recipe, shared on our forum. Sugar cookies with vanilla and butter.

Sugar Cookies - Sugar Cookie Recipe With Decorating Ideas
These sugar cookies are made with butter and shortening, along with sprinkles or icing, if desired. Christmas cookies decorated as you like.

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies Recipe - Sugar Cookie Recipe
Old fashioned sugar cookies, made with butter and sugar, along with other ingredients. A basic sugar cookie for holidays or other occasions.

Christmas Cookies - Recipe for Christmas Cookies
Christmas cookie recipe with colored sugar or icing. Sugar cookies to be decorated for Christmas.

Brown Sugar Cookies - Brown Sugar Walnut Cookies Recipe
Recipe for Brown Sugar Walnut Cookies. Brown sugar cookies with walnuts.

Maple Cookie Recipe - Maple Brown Sugar Cookies
Maple cookie recipe made with brown sugar and crisp rice cereal. Maple brown sugar cookies.

Brown Sugar Cut-Out Cookies - Recipe for Brown Sugar Cookies
Brown sugar cookies are rolled then cut in decorative shapes. Decorate these brown sugar cookies with icing, if desired.

Macadamia Nut Cookies - Recipe for Cinnamon Macadamia Nut Cookies
Macadamia nut cookies with cinnamon and nutmeg. Macadamia nut cookies.

Soft Sugar Cookies - Recipe for Soft Sugar Cookies
Soft sugar cookies with butter and egg yolks and vanilla and nutmeg. Soft sugar cookie recipe.

Brown Sugar Cookies - Recipe for Brown Sugar Icebox Cookies with Nuts and ...
This recipe for brown sugar cookies includes almonds and cinnamon and butter. A brown sugar cookie recipe with cinnamon and almonds.

Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies - Recipe for 1954 Sugar Cookies
These sugar cookies are from the 50s. Old Fashioned sugar cookies with vanilla, butter, sugar and eggs.

Brown Sugar Nut Cookies - Recipe for Brown Sugar Cookies with Pecans
Brown sugar cookie recipe with pecans, cinnamon and sour cream. Brown sugar nut cookies.

Brown Sugar Drop Cookies - Recipe for Brown Sugar Drop Cookies with Brown ...
Brown sugar drop cookie recipe with brown sugar glaze topping. A recipe for brown sugar cookies.

Brown Sugar Cookies - Recipe for Brown Sugar Cookies
An old-fashioned brown sugar cookie recipe from Shannuk. Brown sugar cookies with dark brown sugar, vanilla, and ground pecans.

Brown Sugar Cookies
These simple brown sugar cookies are made with sour cream, butter, brown sugar, and an egg, along with flour and other basic ingredients. Brown...

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