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Thanksgiving Recipes

If you're looking for ideas, menus, and recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner, this is an excellent place to start. Add something new to your menu this year!
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Thanksgiving Recipes and Resources
Here you'll find a roundup of some of our favorite holiday dinner recipes. There are recipes for Thanksgiving menus large and small, including the Thanksgiving turkey or ham,  side dish casseroles, cranberry sauce, dressing and stuffing, gravy, salads, potatoes, and more.

Thanksgiving Pies
 Try one of these fabulous pies this year. Recipes include apple pies, a variety of pumpkin pies, a butternut squash pie, pecan pies, graham cracker pie, and many more.

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
Enjoy this traditional Southern Thanksgiving dinner menu with recipe suggestions. Herb roasted turkey, cornbread oyster dressing, cranberry relish, potato casserole, sweet potatoes, desserts, and more.

Sweet Potato Rolls
These sweet potato rolls are easy to prepare in the bread machine, then you just shape, arrange in a baking pan, and pop them in the oven. Bake these for a Thanksgiving dinner or fall meal.

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes
If you're looking for a special side dish for a Thanksgiving dinner feast, take a look at these recipes. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casseroles, and much more.

Classic Thanksgiving Menu
Here's a menu for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. Included are recipes picked for their popularity and ease, with all the fixin's. From appetizers and turkey to potatoes, salads, and fabulous desserts, you're sure to find something here.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu
Try some recipes from this lighter, healthy Thanksgiving menu. Recipes include a basic roast turkey, side dish recipes, lighter mashed potatoes with garlic, baked sweet potatoes, a fabulous fruit salad, and more. You'll also find some sensible fat lowering tips for your Thanksgiving feast.

Top Picks: Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes
Here you'll find a variety of roast turkeys perfect  for Thanksgiving meal or a special family dinner, including glazed turkey recipes, roasted turkey breasts, herbed turkey, and more.

Lovin' the Leftovers; Cajun Style
This article gives some innovative uses for leftover turkey and bread pudding by transforming turkey into Boudin Balls and Jambalaya, and leftover bread into bread pudding. Also offered are simple ideas for using other items in the Thanksgiving meal to enjoy the next day or to freeze and have at another time. Guidelines for the safety of leftovers are also given.

Thanksgiving Potatoes
Choose from a variety of delicious potato recipes, including gratins, mashed potatoes, and scalloped potatoes. These are some of our best potato recipes, perfect for Thanksgiving menus.

The Leftovers
From your About.com Guide, recipes for Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, with links to more.

Last Minute Cooking is for the Birds
This make-ahead Thanksgiving dinner has easy recipes, a timetable starting weeks ahead, and a complete shopping list. The ideas in this article and the linked recipes are designed so that once the turkey is in the oven, the cook will be essentially work free on Thanksgiving day until the last 45 minutes.

Holiday Baked Ham Recipes
Here are ten delicious baked hams, perfect for your Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving dinner, or for any festive family feast.

Thanksgiving Salads
Thanksgiving salads: Delicious and popular salad recipes, perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Main Dish Recipes
Main dish recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, including Thanksgiving turkey recipes, baked ham, brined turkey, special pork roasts, beef roasts, and leg of lamb and rack of lamb recipes.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes
Thanksgiving desserts, some very special desserts for your Thanksgiving meal, including pumpkin pie recipes, special cakes, apple pie recipes, puddings, custards, and many more.

Thanksgiving Salads
Thanksgiving salad recipes include coleslaw recipes, green salads, layered salads, carrot salads, pea salads, bean salads, and more. Try one of these tasty salads at your next Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Fruit Salad Recipes
Thanksgiving fruit salads, including congealed and gelatin salads, cranberry salads, Waldorf salads, and more.

Thanksgiving Recipes: Stuffing and Dressing
Thanksgiving stuffing and dressing recipes, including cornbread dressing, southern style dressing, bread stuffing, basic dressing and stuffing recipes, dressing with chopped eggs, sausage, and turkey stuffing and dressing recipes with oysters.

Thanksgiving Bread Recipes
Thanksgiving bread recipes include cloverleaf rolls, herb breads, cornbread, and other yeast rolls and biscuit recipes. Thanksgiving bread and roll recipes for your holiday meal.

Thanksgiving Gravy and Sauce Recipes
Gravy and sauce recipes, including turkey gravy, giblet gravy, cheese sauce for vegetables, and raisin sauce for ham

A Light Thanksgiving Dinner Menu With Recipes and Tips
Here is a meal full of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes that have all the flavor, but have been scaled down, fat-wise, into lighter versions of the traditional favorites. Low fat and lighter recipes and tips for preparation.

Sweet Potato Recipes and Cooking Tips
Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving tradition throughout the country. Here are dozens of recipes for casseroles, desserts, and more.

A Dozen Delicious Vegetable Casserole Recipes
Here are some of my favorite vegetable casserole recipes, along with some casseroles with high ratings from visitors. Choose one of these casserole recipes to add to your dinner menu.

Roast Turkey With Giblet Gravy
This is a roast turkey recipe with giblet gravy and optional glaze, perfect for Thanksgiving or a big family gathering. Glaze this turkey with a plum or red currant jelly glaze, or sprinkle with seasonings.

Turkey Stuffing Recipes
Turkey stuffing recipes, including turkey stuffing recipes cooked in the turkey and many cooked in a baking dish, outside of the turkey.

Easy Turkey Gravy Recipe
This fuss-free, easy gravy is best made with a classic roasted turkey, because a brined turkey will yield saltier drippings. This gravy can be made a day in advanced then finished when you take the turkey out of the oven.

Pumpkin Recipes
Choose from 50 great tasting pumpkin recipes, including cakes, pies, breads and rolls, and much more.

Top Picks: Thanksgiving Recipes and Menus
Are you looking for Thanksgiving recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner? Try some of these recipes when you plan your Thanksgiving feast! I've included recipes for turkey and stuffing, roasts, potatoes, side dish casseroles, relishes and salads, gravy, and holiday desserts.

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