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Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

A Variety of Healthy and Lighter Thanksgiving Recipes


Basic Roast Turkey

Basic Roast Turkey

Photo of Basic Roast Turkey © Diana Rattray
If you're trying to eat lighter, you don't have to skip Thanksgiving dinner, and you don't have to feel guilty after dinner! There are many areas where fat and sugars can be cut back, and some high-fat dishes can be replaced with lower fat versions. Here are a few tips for lowering the fat:

  • Instead of creamy casseroles, serve sauteed, roasted, or steamed vegetables.
  • Use your favorite seasonings and garlic in recipes to make up for the fat reduction.
  • Use part chicken broth in the mashed potatoes instead of all whole milk or cream.
  • Cut back on the sugar or replace some of the sugar with a natural sugar-free sweetener.
  • Don't serve bread or make sure it's light and whole grain.
  • Use less fat. Instead of 4 tablespoons of butter, use 2.
  • Egg substitutes. You can save 45 calories and 5 grams of fat for each egg you replace with egg substitute.
Basic Roast Turkey
This delicious roast turkey recipe includes a little butter, but it can easily be cut back to a teaspoon or two. Sage and thyme flavor this wonderful turkey.

Apple Pecan Dressing Recipe
This apple pecan dressing is flavored with ground sage, chopped pecans, and chopped apples. Make this dressing with light whole wheat bread cubes.

Easy Turkey Gravy Recipe
Skim the fat from the turkey drippings before adding them to this flavorful gravy. Optional white wine, along with chicken broth, makes this an easy and delicious gravy to prepare.

Whole Baked Sweet Potatoes
Step aside, sweet potato casserole and make way for these lighter baked sweet potatoes. Add a little butter and cinnamon for flavor, and these just might become a new family tradtion.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
These light mashed potatoes are flavored with a little grated Parmesan and plenty of garlic. Use baking potatoes or russets in this dish.

Savory Green Beans
It's difficult to replace that green bean casserole, but this recipe for seasoned green beans should satisfy everyone. The flavors of garlic and basil along with a little onion make the flavor of the beans stand out.

Easy Cranberry Sauce
This cranberry sauce is quick and easy to prepare, with fresh cranberries, sugar, juice, and a dash of spice.

Warm, Wilted & Wonderful Caesar Salad
Terri's Caesar salad is light and flavorful, with a dash of Tabasco for a Cajun spark.

Fresh Fruit Salad
A little sugar and a lime and pineapple dressing make this a light and naturally delicious fruit salad.

Pumpkin Pie With Spiced Oat Crust
An oat crust makes this pumpkin pie pastry lighter than the traditional pie crust. Top with light whipped topping and sprinkle with a little cinnamon for a real treat.

Apple Crunch
This apple crunch has a tasty cake-like topping and a wonderful apple filling. Top with a scoop of light vanilla ice cream or light whipped topping.

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