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Turkey Sandwich Recipes

Several turkey sandwich recipes, including versions of the Kentucky Hot Brown and others.

Hot Turkey Sandwich
This is my favorite Thanksgiving leftovers recipe, and you can make it simple for lunch or add other warmed leftover side dishes for a day-after-the-holiday meal.

Hot Turkey Sandwich
Easy hot turkey sandwich using Thanksgiving turkey leftovers and gravy. Delicious Thanksgiving comfort food, turkey sandwich.

The Hot Brown Turkey Sandwich Recipe
A turkey sandwich with Parmesan cheese sauce and bacon. Open faced hot brown turkey sandwich recipe.

Hot Brown Sandwich Supper
Recipe for turkey hot browns with cheddar cheese and bacon and tomato slices, a Kentucky favorite recipe.

Hot Brown Special
Hot Brown Special - Hot Brown Sandwich Recipe with Turkey and Cheese

Turkey Sandwich Melt Recipe - Recipe for Turkey Sandwiches with Cheese and ...
Turkey sandwiches on toast with cheese, baon and an easy mushroom sauce. Turkey sandwich recipe with cheese and bacon.

Turkey Sandwich Recipe - Recipe for Turkey Sandwiches with Cheese Sauce
Turkey sandwiches are open-faced on toast with a cheddar or American cheese sauce. An easy and quick family recipe.

Hot Brown Turkey Sandwiches - Hot Brown Recipe with Turkey Bacon and Tomatoes
Hot brown sandwiches with turkey, bacon, Parmesan cheese and tomatoes. Hot brown turkey sandwich recipe.

Easy Turkey Sandwich Melt
With sliced cooked turkey, bacon, and Cheddar cheese in toasted bread with an easy mushroom sauce.

Hot Brown Special
An easy version, with turkey, Cheddar cheese, and bacon, along with cream of mushroom soup.

Club Sandwich
Use sliced turkey or other meat in this sandwich.

Hot Brown Turkey Sandwiches
A Kentucky specialty, these sandwiches are made with cooked turkey, Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, bacon, and a tasty sauce.

Turkey Hot Brown
Made with turkey, Parmesan, bacon, bread, and a rich sauce made with egg yolks, milk, and seasonings.

Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe
These sandwiches are made with ham and turkey, along with cheese. The sandwiches are dipped in an egg batter, then grilled, like French toast.

Kentucky Hot Brown with Cheddar Cheese
Made with bacon, tomato, toast, Parmesan cheese, Cheddar cheese, turkey, and other ingredients.

Turkey Sandwich with Cheese Sauce
Open faced sandwiches on toast contain sliced cooked turkey and a cheese sauce made with basic white sauce and shredded cheese.

Turkey Hummus Sandwiches
Turkey sandwiches made with purchased hummus, cooked turkey, bagels, cucumber, tomatoes, and spinach.

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