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Veal Cutlet Recipes - Recipes using Veal Cutlets and Scallops

Here are several recipes using veal cutlets, including veal Parmesan recipes, scaloppine, and more.

Veal With Mushrooms and Cream
This is a simple recipe for veal cutlets with mushrooms, green onions, and cream. A quick and easy recipe using veal cutlets.

Veal With Mushrooms and Tomatoes
Easy veal cutlets are sauteed with mushrooms and tomatoes, a quick and easy skillet meal to make any day of the week. Veal cutlets pounded thin and sauteed with vegetables.

Veal With Garlic Cream Sauce and Artichokes
This is a flavorful veal recipe made with cream, artichokes, and wine. An easy veal cutlet recipe with a creamy sauce.

Veal Cutlets With Creamy Marsala Sauce
Serve this flavorful veal with hot cooked pasta and a tossed salad. Delicious veal cutlets browned and served with a quick and easy marsala wine and cream sauce.

Veal With Mushrooms
Veal with mushrooms, garlic, and fresh grape or cherry tomatoes, an easy veal recipe using veal cutlets. Veal with mushrooms and tomatoes makes a tasty family meal or weekend dinner.

Veal Cutlets With Lemon, Garlic, and Capers
Veal cutlets are made with a flavorful lemon and caper sauce. Garlic, white wine, and lemon juice flavor these veal cutlets.

Veal With Tomato Cream Sauce
This is a quick and easy veal dish, made with thin veal cutlets, canned tomatoes, and cream. A tasty veal and tomato recipe, made in the skillet.

Veal Cutlets With Tomatoes and Capers
Easy veal cutlet recipe with tomatoes and capers, a flavorful veal recipe for any day of the week. Veal cutlets are cooked with tomatoes, garlic, and capers, along with artichokes, for a quick meal.

Veal Scallops With Lemon and Capers
Veal scallops recipe with capers and lemon and garlic. These veal scallops are delicious with angel hair pasta and a salad or steamed vegetables.

Veal With Lemon and Mushrooms - Veal Scallop Recipe With Lemon, Herbs, and ...
Veal is quickly sauteed with mushrooms, lemon juice, garlic, and wine, along with rosemary and parsley. A very tasty veal recipe, using thin veal scallops and fresh lemon juice.

Veal Marsala Recipe - Delicious Veal Marsala With Veal Cutlets and Mushrooms
Veal Marsala - Veal Marsala is made with veal cutlets, Marsala wine, mushrooms, chicken broth, butter, and lemon juice, along with other seasonings. A veal marsala recipe with butter and mushrooms.

Veal Cutlets with Swiss Cheese
Recipe for veal cutlets breaded and cooked with gruyere or Swiss cheese topping.

Veal Recipe - Veal Cutlets in Mushroom Sauce
Veal recipe - cutlets with a mushroom sauce. Ingredients include veal cutlets, corn flake crumbs, milk, butter, and other ingredients. Also many more veal recipes.

Veal Rolls - Recipe for Stuffed Veal Rolls or Veal Birds
Veal rolls recipe. Veal cutlets are stuffed with a mixture of bread crumbs, herbs, and vegetables then served with sour cream sauce.

Veal with Sour Cream - Recipe Veal Cutlets
Veal recipe with sour cream, this veal cutlet recipe is delicious over hot buttered noodles. Veal cutlets with sour cream and herbs.

Veal Recipe - Recipe for Veal with Lemon and Tarragon
Veal with lemon and butter. This is a veal recipe with lemon, butter, and tarragon.

Veal and Peppers Recipe - Recipe for Veal with Green and Red Bell Peppers
Veal and peppers made with veal, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms, and tomato sauce. Serve this veal and peppers recipe with spaghetti or rice.

Veal Recipe - Veal Cutlets in Cream with Paprika Recipe
Veal cutlet recipe - veal is cooked is seasoned with paprika and garlic and cooked in skillet with heavy cream. Serve this veal cutlet recipe over noodles or with potatoes.

Veal Parmesan Recipe - Veal Parmesan with Veal Cutlets and Wine
Veal Parmesan is made with veal cutlets, bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and wine. A veal Parmesan recipe.

Veal Recipe - Recipe for Wiener Schnitzel
Wiener schnitzel is veal cutlets breaded and served with lemon. A veal recipe.

Breaded Veal Cutlets in Mushroom Sauce
Veal cuts with a crushed corn flake coating and an easy sauce made with cream of mushroom soup.

Stuffed Veal Rolls in Sour Cream Gravy
Ingredients include veal cutlets, bread cubes and herbs, onions, and more.

Veal Chops Paprika
Veal chops are breaded then browned, then the chops are baked with mushrooms and paprika, along with tomato soup and sour cream.

Veal Chops Parmesan
Veal chops with tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese.

Veal Chops with Garlic and Herbs
Veal chops are marinated then browned with the marinade. Serve these veal chops with hot noodles tossed with Parmesan cheese.

Veal Paprika in Cream
Veal cutlets are browned then simmered with paprika and cream.

Breaded Veal Cutlets with Egg
A recipe for veal cutlets with flavorful breading.

Veal Parmesan with Wine Sauce
These cutlets are breaded, browned, and served with a simple wine sauce made with pan drippings.

Veal Scallops with Lemon
Ingredients include lemon juice, butter, and tarragon, along with dry wine and other seasonings.

Veal with Sour Cream
Veal cutlets with herbs and seasonings are served with a sour cream gravy made with pan drippings.

Wiener Schnitzel
An easy and delicious dish, made with coated veal cutlets and lemon wedges.

Veal Chops with Mushrooms
Veal loin chops with butter, wine, mushrooms, lemon juice, and onion.

Veal Marsala
Made with veal scallops, Marsala wine, butter, and seasonings.

Veal Parmesan Recipe - Veal Recipe
Made with veal cutlets, Mozzarella cheese, bread crumbs, basil, and tomato sauce.

Veal Scaloppine with Mushrooms
This scaloppine is made with thinly sliced veal steak or cutlets, mushrooms, broth, tomato juice, and seasonings, along with Parmesan cheese and onion.

Veal Scaloppine
Veal cutlets are cooked with mushrooms, tomatoes, capers, and seasonings. Serve with hot buttered pasta.

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