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Killed Lettuce


This salad recipe was shared on our forum by McGentry.


  • See McGentry's instructions, below


From McGentry:
Wash greens thoroughly. Set aside in a colander to drain, then pat dry with toweling. Heat bacon grease in skillet. Thin-slice onions and saute in bacon grease until tender to your preference (I prefer them still slightly crunchy). Once onions are ready, pour over greens, stirring as you pour, coating greens thoroughly. Lettuce/greens will wilt, thus the ‘killed' effect. In the Appalachian Mountains, where I am originally from, the lettuce of preference for this is ‘branch lettuce' (watercress, which grows wild in North-facing creek beds in early spring). Any sturdy green will work, I have had good success with arugula and buttercrunch lettuce, also spinach greens. You can add chopped bacon, or crushed red pepper or a dash of Texas Pete, to make it lively. I have used Italian dressing in place of the grease, it tastes quite a bit different, but it's very good. My grandmother used to keep a grease pot on the back of her stove, where she would save any leftover bacon drippings for cooking with, so as not to waste.

A traditional mountain supper would be lettuce, pintos, fried potatoes, corn bread, biscuits, chow-chow, and buttermilk.

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