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Whole Turkey Recipes - Roast and Fried Turkey Recipes

Several roast and fried turkey recipes, along with tips on frying whole turkeys and smoked turkey.
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Basic Roast Turkey With Sage
I used fresh sage to make this basic roasted turkey look extra-special, but other herbs could be used. This is a basic, easy roast turkey recipe for Thanksgiving or other holiday meal.

Herb Roasted Turkey
This great tasting turkey is roasted with a mixture of herbs and olive oil under the skin and all over the bird. This is an easy turkey to prepare, and it's perfect for Thanksgiving.

Brined Turkey Breast
A seasoned brine makes this turkey breast more moist and flavorful. This well seasoned roast turkey is perfect for a Sunday dinner or Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey With Herb Butter and Maple Glaze
Roast turkey with a maple and brown sugar glaze, along with dried herbs and butter. A flavorful maple-glazed roast turkey.

Roast Turkey With Giblet Gravy
This is a roast turkey recipe with giblet gravy and optional glaze, perfect for Thanksgiving or a big family gathering. Glaze this turkey with a plum or red currant jelly glaze, or sprinkle with seasonings.

Roast Turkey With Oyster Dressing
A roast turkey recipe with oyster dressing, an old-fashioned Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkey. The oyster dressing is baked, with butter, bread crumbs, onions, celery, and poultry seasonings and thyme.

Herb Roast Turkey
This turkey is roasted with fresh herbs and melted butter, a nice choice for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Barb's Deep-Fried Turkey
Here's a deep fried turkey recipe and tips from Barb.

Classic Roast Turkey
Fresh basil leaves under the skin make this roast turkey look and taste extra-special. This is a classic roast turkey recipe, perfect for Thanksgiving or other holiday meal.

Deep Fried Turkey, Tips and Advice
Here are some tips for deep frying turkey from forum members.

Jane's Fried Turkey
Enjoy this recipe from Jane for Fried Turkey marinated with Italian dressing and seasonings.

Smoked Wild Turkey
Thanks to forum member SAK for sharing these tips for smoking a wild turkey.

Roasted Turkey Breast,Slow Cooker
Recipe for a roasted turkey breast in the slow cooker, or crockpot.

Glazed Bourbon Turkey
Roast turkey with a flavorful bourbon glaze.

Turkey Basics and Safety Tips
Defrosting, safe handling and cooking, using a meat thermometer, and more.

Holiday Roast Recipes
A special family dinner or holiday meal deserves a very special roast, and these are some of my favorite roasted turkey recipes.

Basic Turkey Brine
This is a basic turkey brine made with sugar, salt, and a variety of fresh and dried herbs and spices. If you're looking for a brine recipe for a moist turkey, this is an excellent choice.

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