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Barb's Deep-Fried Turkey


Barb's deep fried turkey recipe and tips. Always read the fryer manufacturer's directions thoroughly before setting up your fryer and getting started.


  • whole turkey, completely thawed
  • seasoned rub
  • peanut oil


From Barbara Whiting, Former Stay-at-Home Parents Guide

We've done quite a few deep-fried turkeys, and here is how we do it.

  • 1. Get a huge pot, like a stock pot. Put the turkey (completely thawed) in the pot, add water to completely surround the turkey. Look at how much water you added; that's how much oil you will need. Pour out the water and dry off the turkey.
  • 2. We like to put a seasoned rub on the turkey. You don't have to, but it makes the skin delicious.

  • 3. Fill the pot with as much oil as you need..The more the better. This is where it gets expensive, because you need at least a couple gallons of oil. The better quality oils (like peanut oil) will get hotter, and work better, but you can use a cheaper oil. Now, get the oil as hot as possible, and as close to 400 as possible without excessive smoking.

  • 4. Turn off the burner (this is a precaution to prevent spatters from hitting an open flame). Add the turkey. Now, we used a 2 by 4 piece of wood (thru the wrapped legs) to lower the turkey into the oil. WARNING: the oil really splatters out at this point, so STAY back. This is MESSY! Once the spattering has stopped, turn the burner back on.

  • 5. After you add the turkey, the oil temp. will drop rapidly. That's why you want it as hot as possible to begin with. Hopefully, it will remain around 350 degrees, so it sears (sp?) the skin, and the meat does NOT get greasy.

  • 6. Cook for about 3 min per pound, + 5 minutes. It the turkey is over 18 lbs, you might want to go 3 min per pound +10 or 15 minutes.
    Turkey done this way is very tender and moist, and amazingly not greasy...

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