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Cheese Sticks

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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Tasty!November 03, 2010 By Joujo
I've used other recipes for cheese sticks, but always seem to lose the bits of paper I copy them on and end up looking for the recipe on the internet (sooooo convenient). I tried this one because it includes sour cream and it worked well, giving a subtle complement to the cayenne pepper. But I think the best thing about this was reading Trinity Persaud's very cute short life history in her review!
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Life SavorDecember 15, 2007 By Trinity_Persaud
This recipe saved my life. My husbands family was comming over to our house for the weeked and he has a huge family with really good cooks. My family were comming over too, but they are tamil and guyanese so they expect curry in the dishes somewhere. My husband is Irish mixed with French and he really doesnt like curry but he wont mind eating it. We have 4 children together and they are so used to not eating curry that they love my mother-in-law's cooking because she never makes curry and i always do! I am 24 years old and i think that curry is made in big portions and it can feed alot of people. So i decided to make cheese sticks because when my husband and I met 12 year years ago, our first date was at an Italian restaurant and he had some cheese stuck on his lip and i had to take it out for him. So i thought this would be a funny way in incoporating it to our family get together. I loved it and i would make it over and over again!
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