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Readers Respond: What do You Put on Your Grits?

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  • From the article: Creamy Grits
    So you like cheese on your grits? Gravy? How about syrup? Must they have butter? Tell us about your favorite toppings for grits! Share Your Favorites

    What I put on my grits

    Fried catfish on the cooked grits, and i put chopped onions and jalapenos, and butter in the grits while they cook. Sometimes i eat bologna and grits, with or without grits. also sausage patty minced and saute with onions and jalapenos and cheese
    —Guest guest dede

    what do you put on grits

    butter salt and pepper and once in awhile i will put some cheese and crumbed bacon in
    —Guest Brad Suarez

    What I put on my Grits...

    I have two favorites. Cheesy Grits with whatever cheese i have and a little salt. Plain Grits with a little butter and grape jelly. Some times when I'm feeling adventurous mix the two.
    —Guest courtney


    For my grits I cook them in the pot and when they are almost done, I put at least 4 spoonfuls of butters and a few pinches of salt and pepper! Absolutely delicious!!!
    —Guest Nana


    I put sunny side up eggs over the grits then mix them.
    —Guest matthew

    Good on grits

    I like a little pure maple syrup or a small amount of sugar. Butter and salt are good, too.
    —Guest Maggie May

    what do you put on your grits

    I like mine with 2 tblspns crumbled blue cheese and 1 tspn chopped garlic with butter salt and pepper in it. I serve it along side fried shrimp!
    —Guest kristine13826

    Carolina Girl

    Grated cheddar cheese, garlic powder and a soft boiled egg. Yummo!
    —Guest Pat Williams

    Redeye gravy

    When I cook a hamsteak I make redeye gravy and put it on grits.
    —Guest pansysgateway


    I am a Purist - lots of butter. some salt. That's all
    —Guest wilma stone


    i put cheese, medium salsa, gravy butter during cooking ost think i am crazy for the salsa but good to me
    —Guest emmalou_@hotmail.com


    What i like on my grits is jelly. your favorite type of jelly
    —Guest Tony B


    When I cook grits, I use half water and then half milk (or cream)--serve with alotta butter and pepper!! YES!!
    —Guest grandmellie

    What do You Put on Your Grits

    Salt, pepper, butter, Tabasco. Sometimes a piece of American cheese in addition to the other ingredients for a little variety.
    —Guest T Houk

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    What do You Put on Your Grits?

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