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Readers Respond: What do You Put on Your Grits?

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  • So you like cheese on your grits? Gravy? How about syrup? Must they have butter? Tell us about your favorite toppings for grits!


    i love to put curry powder in mine really good and butter
    —Guest T Smith

    Carolina Girl

    Grated cheddar cheese, garlic powder and a soft boiled egg. Yummo!
    —Guest Pat Williams

    Redeye gravy

    When I cook a hamsteak I make redeye gravy and put it on grits.
    —Guest pansysgateway


    I am a Purist - lots of butter. some salt. That's all
    —Guest wilma stone


    i put cheese, medium salsa, gravy butter during cooking ost think i am crazy for the salsa but good to me
    —Guest emmalou_@hotmail.com


    What i like on my grits is jelly. your favorite type of jelly
    —Guest Tony B


    When I cook grits, I use half water and then half milk (or cream)--serve with alotta butter and pepper!! YES!!
    —Guest grandmellie

    What do You Put on Your Grits

    Salt, pepper, butter, Tabasco. Sometimes a piece of American cheese in addition to the other ingredients for a little variety.
    —Guest T Houk

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