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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your New Year's Day Food Traditions

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From the article: New Year's Day Dinner
What are your family's New Year's Day food traditions, and why? Lucky black-eyed peas? Cabbage or slaw? Greens and cornbread? Is rice on the menu? Tell us about it! Share Your Story

New Years traditions in the MS Delta

We eat cabbage for money, black eyed peas for luck, sweet potatoes for love southern cornbread and fresh deer meat usually killed the day before.
—Guest Gigi Goss Lewis


We always have ham or pork roast collard greens with Neck bone, Blackeyed peas, mashed sweet taters, buttermilk honey cornbread, Banana pudding And wash it down with sweet tea
—Guest Jimmy

New Year's Day Meal

Raised in the South. Black eyed peas, rice, stewed tomatoes. And of course fried smoked hog jowl and corn bread. MMMM!
—Guest Charles

alaska girl

I was raised in Alaska, nothing but fireworks, drinking, and shooting guns in air hoping not to hit a power line
—Guest alaska girl

Southern New Years Dinner

We have black eye peas, turnips, cornbread, ham or pork ribs, mac n cheese or potatoes, and a peach cobbler!
—Guest Missy

New Year's Day Mexican tradition

A morning tradition is a bowl of Menudo and a glass of 7 Up This cures the hangover!! Dessert for the day was bread pudding for good luck through out the year
—Guest Ray Villarreal

Things Remembered for New Year's Dinner

My parents were from Alabama; and they did traditional southern cusine for that day. We ate turnip&mustard greens, chittlings (fried), black-eyed peas, sweet corn bread. egg nog laced with Jack Daniels and my Mom's fruit punch, with tea cakes and homemade ice cream for dessert. Heaven right her on earth!
—Guest Jo Diamond

New Year Day

Mom fixed New Year Day's meal very good and delicious. Cabbage, corn bread, smoked sausage and black-eyed peas.
—Guest jimcobi

New Year Day tradition

Yum, they all sound so much like we eat. It's black eyed peas with hog jowl, Boston Butt pork road and gravy, mashed potatoes or rice, greens of sort, baked sweet potatoes (a must), buttermilk cornbread, various pies and a cake. We also serve hoppin john along with it sometimes, or make it the next day with the leftover rice and peas.
—Guest Ethel Aultman

Traditional Southern N/Y Dinner

Having lived in Charleston, SC, all my life - the traditional SOUTHERN New Year's Day dinner is pork roast, collard greens, hoppin' john (cow peas/rice cooked together), sweet potatoes, and cornbread. Black eyed PEAS (not beans as some have called them on here) are not traditionally used in "hoppin' john" - the pea of choice is cow (field) peas. Pork & sauerkraut must be a "yankee" deal .. never, ever heard of it as a NY Day dinner in the any where in the south.
—Guest Michael D.


Black eyed peas cooked with fatback, collard greens, and ham and cornbread. In our family the symbolism was Ham=wallet, Greens=bills, and peas=coins for prosperity.

North Florida Traditions

Black-eyed peas, seasoned with onion, hog jowl, and a whole pepper (and garlic-my addition) served over a bed of rice; Mixed Greens- mustard & turnip, seasoned with rendered smoked hog jowl, hot peppers, (& a little garlic); baked sweet potatoes; southern potatoe salad, sliced tomatoes, bell peppers, onions on the side; Roasted Pork Roast ( we like ours on the spit, slow roasted), served with pepper jelly on the side; and homemade buttermilk Cornbread; Citrus Salad; and for dessert, "house choice" ...
—Guest Fire

New Years Day meal -Southern style

I was raised in the north by parents from the south (NC and New Orleans) and to this day they still serve black eyed peas for luck, cabbage for money/wealth and roasted pork loin for love and health.
—Guest stephanie614

new years dinner

We have greens,rice,cow peas,baked macaroni & cheese,corn bread, and fried chicken,roast beef
—Guest keisha

New Year's Day

My mother is Japanese so our tradition is noodles. Black noodles on NYD for good fortune.
—Guest Sabrina

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