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Readers Respond: Tips and Tricks for the Best Macaroni and Cheese

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From the article: Macaroni and Cheese Recipes
We all love to try different recipes, but there is usually an old favorite or family heirloom that we make time and time again. When you make your favorite macaroni and cheese, do you have a special ingredient or technique you can share? A special crumb topping, cooking technique, cheese combination, a great shortcut? Share it with others!

some more tips

spice with chili powder for a great flavor with your macaroni. Another trick is to have a good amount of lemon zest and fresh parsley in your bread crumb topping.
—Guest the patrick

mac cheese

Drain the pasta well and add a cup of beer or porter to the finished dish; gives it a little tang.


Add a dash of cinnamon to the cheese sauce. It will leave your guests wondering why it tastes so DIVINE.

A little help

I add a little bit of English Mustard to the sauce for some flavour - just half a tea spoon or similar.
—Guest Lewis Shand

Boiling the macaroni

Use less water to cook the pasta and retain the same liquid for the sauce. the starch from the pasta water makes the cheese sauce very creamy and thick
—Guest anuja

Mac and Cheese

I love using spicy cheeses like Pepper Jack or Habanero cheeses, I love the visual impact of colors so I cut small cubes of cheese usually some kind of yellow and white cheddar that I add in layers with my cheese sauce. I find that six cups of milk work best for the cheese sauce. The mac and cheese absorbs quite about of liquid and the cheese sauce thickens while baking.
—Guest Agnew

mac and cheese

i make my white sauce and not the soup cream of musroon and i top with bread cumbs. never put cheese in your white sauce it not mac and cheese
—Guest jeannine

Draining the Pasta

Do not completely drain the pasta when removing from boiling water, or your pasta will soak up all of your great sauce and make the dish a little dry
—Guest David

Topping for macaroni and cheese

In make my mac and cheese usually I'll layer it my a cheese sauce milk, flour, butter cook first then add cheese then I put noodles in dish pour cheese over then add shredded cheddar, sharp, mozzarella cheese and repeat then top it off with crumble up toasted parmesan cheese crouton then bake at 325 degree for about 45 min or until done.

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