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Light and Low Fat Recipes

Tips and healthy alternatives for Southern dishes and others


Lighter Potato Salad

Recipe: A Lighter Potato Salad

Lighter Potato Salad Image © Diana Rattray
It isn't easy, but there really are ways to lower the fat in traditional Southern recipes. Oven-frying using little or no oil will lower the fat dramatically, and simply cooking in fat at the right temperature can make a considerable difference in the amount of oil the food absorbs. Southern Fried Chicken and other deep-fried favorites might not be as authentic in texture and flavor, but the healthier alternatives can be very tasty.

Generally, the temperature for cooking breaded foods in deep fat should be around 375°. When cooked at lower temperatures the oil will penetrate to the food before an outer layer, or "protective shield" is formed. If the oil is too hot, the outer layer will burn before the food is cooked by the indirect heat.

Bacon grease and salt pork are often used to flavor beans, greens and other Southern dishes, but lower-fat smoked turkey wings or legs can be substituted. You'll get the smoked flavor and fewer calories from fat.

Using chicken breasts without the skin in dishes instead of whole fryers or dark meat will also make a big difference in some recipes, and be sure to remove the extra fat from the broth. Sure, fat makes food taste better, but so do herbs, spices, seasoning mixtures, marinades, butter-flavored sprays, and complementary vegetables!


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